Bits & Pieces (Sunday Night Open Mic)

Believe it or not, most of the time I’m not jealous of New Yorkers. I don’t much give a sh*t that they think they live in the center of the universe, and the rest of us are satellites which merely revolve, enviously, around the center of the universe that is NYC.

However, there’s a place of Brooklyn that serves fried chicken and waffles in a magical way.

That’s right. That’s a red velvet cake waffle. OMG. 

The best and the rest from The Daily:

Solyndra has it’s first fall guy. There ya go, problem solved.

Top Obama advisers worried about Solyndra.

A great little graphic of The Ten Year Afghanistan War.

A poll of vets regarding military service and the Afghanistan War.

Pakistan is considering charge the doctor who may have helped us nab Bin Ladin with treason.

The world’s oldest drivable car was built in 1884 and is steam driven. It still works, and it’s going up for auction.

Why (or should I say how) national Democrats always have and always will disappoint me.

Steve Jobs, the $1 a year billionaire.

Peter Ha recalls Steve Jobs.

The many, many tributes to Steve Jobs after his passing.

OWS is, in fact, the Herbal Tea Party.

Also . . .

Lee Stranahan makes the observation that I was suspecting, re: OWS. Protesting is mega-fun!

— KW

11 Responses

  1. "Feds seek shutdown for Calif. medical pot stores – even legal ones"On this front, only libertarians of every stripe have acted sane.I suspect the libertarian instinct in this group is strong not only among the conservatives, but among the moderates and the liberals, btw.Back from atoning for my sins yesterday. I did not do it right, so it won't count in my favor this year. Oh, well.


  2. I have been meaning to comment on the crime stats, but hoped to find some recent census data to test.When I was a young lawyer I did a short stint as a prosecutor. Our numbers showed that the peak offenders were males aged 18, falling off about equally to males 17 and 16, or 19 and 20.Thus we knew the rising crime rate would peak around 1973, and I think that was borne out.I wonder if that demographic pattern has continued.


  3. $16 for the chicken and waffle!?!???Definitely a NYC price tag! I hate to admit it, Kevin, but this combination has always struck me as disgusting. What can I say, I'm a yankee (but not a damn one–I left!) 😉


  4. What's interesting about the medical marijuana debate is that anytime I see pictures and footage of the "dispensaries," they all seem to be filled with young males.


  5. MarkI don't know if you're still here, but did the rain I sent arrive?


  6. lms – YES! 150 days of drought and then drizzle yesterday and real RAIN this morning!Thanx. Better you get the credit than Goodhair's prayer vigil.


  7. I saw the rain last night during the game and then tonight that it was rained out and hoped you guys caught some of that. Yay………..


  8. Are you saying maybe I should run for President? haaaaaaahaaaaa


  9. Kevin, You just set my menu for Sweetest Day. Well at least the Red Velvet waffles. I think my pregnant wife will be in heaven when she comes down in the morning to eat one of these bad boys.


  10. Mmmm. Lobster, shrimp, and grits with tomato broth. I'm definitely going to have to make that one of these weekends.


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