Bits & Pieces (Thursday Night Open Mic)

Bad Lip Reading does Newt Gingrich:

It’s about time that a visionary work of sci-fi accurately predicts our inevitable future. Iron Sky is this movie.

That’s it for me. — KW

Bits & Pieces (Thursday Night Open Mic)

It’s a new video. This time, it’s Rick Santorum!


A new study links low I.Q. to prejudice, racism, and conservatism. To paraphrase my intellectual better, Forrest Gump: “I may not be a smart man, but I know what bullshit smells like.” A liberal quasi-dissents, but sort of agrees. The conflation of conservatism and racism is everywhere. Can you tell it’s an election year?

NASA films the dark side of the moon. No evidence of giant Transformers or secret moon bases.

What happened before The Big Bang? Johnny Galecki was unemployed! Bad-dum-dum! I’ll be here all week, folks.

Finally, they’re planning a broadway musical based on Back to the Future. About damn time.

You know what’s unbelievably cool? $1 billion dollars in profits. Emphasis on the unbelievable.

— KW

by Ashot
Somehow I feel like this video is perfect for the ATiM crowd.

And I thought this was funny, too.

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