Boots & Pieces (Saturday Night Fashion Thread)

Why the fascination with boots—both for men and women? Women, even when men in boots don’t necessarily turn them on, like boots on other women. Men just plain seem to like women in boots, also. My theory, and there must have been dozens, if not hundreds, of psychology Ph.D. dissertations written on the subject but—since I’m not a clinician—I don’t know the right way to find them on PubMed, is that boots connote power. And in this day and age we all like women who feel empowered.

Power caused by income inequality (how timely!!). After all, it cost a lot more to cobble a pair of boots for a rich landowner riding his horse to inspect his estate than it did to cobble a pair of sandals, or wrap rags around one’s peasant feet.

Power caused by the ability to enforce the rich land owner’s (or owners’) will. Those who were hired to enforce the will of the establishment were (and often still are) clothed in the manner of the rich land owner. . . see cavalry/military officers, law enforcement officers, and the like. Besides, the heel adds height and can aid in physical intimidation by the boot wearer.

You walk differently when you’re in boots than when you’re wearing shoes. Try, just try not to strut a little when you’re wearing boots. . . it’s practically impossible. There’s something about the configuration of the last and the heel that force you into it. They also make your legs look longer (for both genders) which, at least in Western culture, is highly attractive. I suspect that both of these aspects play into the American mythology of the cowboy. . . the sheer difficulty and dirtiness of what real cowboys do and their lifestyle can’t really be the reason why cowboy boots are so popular (and, ashot, I think we need to see a picture of your boots, too!). It’s actually why I don’t like wearing cowboy boots—to me, they take me back to my mucking out stalls and flinging hay bale stage, which I loved because I was working with horses, but was really, really hard and dirty work. lms can attest to that!

So what boots have I been acquiring? Well, I have a relatively mundane pair of gray suede boots that I like because they’re understated but still give me that little titche of attitude that you get when you’re wearing boots. My one regret. . . these boots are made by Impo and they also make this style in fire engine red and I haven’t been able to get my hands on a pair. My kingdom for a pair of red boots this cute! J

Boots and power. . . but add a little girly touch like a ruffle and you’ve got these. Again, pretty understated, but I like the dichotomy involved.

Wear boots with a skirt rather than jeans or leggings and they can pretend to be demure. Brown leather with a buckle on the side; almost, but not quite, motorcycle cop with a stacked heel. I know that wedges are back in right now, but I just really like a heel rather than a wedge. . . seems a little more edgy to me.

Brown suede Calvin Kleins that make legs look ridiculously long—how can you not love that?

And some boots just send a message. These are the ones that started the whole boot buying spree.

OK, folks, weigh in with your commentary!

P.S. ashot—have I attained super Lib status now??

Snow Storm Saturday Bits and Pieces

Full on snow storm here in the northeast, at least in southwestern CT. Good day to hang inside, watch college football, and blog. October 30th…are you kidding me? I blame global warming. And Wall Street. Probably the fault of weather derivatives.

Congrats to St. Louis. I wonder what the odds were on Sep 1 of the Cards winning the series. And if anyone made the bet. Still, quite a ways for the Cards to go before they catch the Yanks for most World Series championships. But they are inching closer.

Have at it.


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