What Is ATiM All About?

ATiM is a bit like America itself – a place where a bunch of refugees have come together in the hope of creating something better than what they left.  In our case, we are refugees from other political blogs where the conversation is too unedifying, too insulting, too polarizing.  So we created ATiM as a place where political discussion and debate can take place in the absence of the kind of unproductive vitriol that has come to characterize much of blog commentary these days.

The author list in the sidebar is extensive, and is representative of all ideologies and philosophies across the American political spectrum.  We have traditional conservatives, libertarians, moderates who lean right, moderates who lean left, and steadfast progressives.  If you have stumbled upon us, you will almost certainly find a political soul mate somewhere among us, as well as finding an arch political foe.  That’s what makes it fun.

We are, of course, primarily a political blog, but all discussions are welcome.  We have had recipe threads, movie threads, holiday threads…nothing is out of bounds.  So if you can follow the rules, please stick around and comment.  We love new voices, and who knows, you too could find your gravatar appearing on the renowned list of Authors in Moderation.

One Response

  1. Also, ATiM is about being “FRIST!” to comment on a post. No “Fristing” your own posts, or if you do so, at least, you cannot claim “Frist!”

    … Just saying.


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