True Confessions

Just kidding.  I did want to talk about a couple of things though.  Did any of you read this piece last night linked from the PL.  It got me thinking about what exactly I’m doing here and I do have one tiny confession to make.  While I was gone and without access to the internet for the majority of the time I alternated between enjoying it and feeling completely out of touch.  When I took time off last year and earlier this year, I was still reading, just not commenting.  When I went into Starbucks early on Saturday armed with my kindle I was really anxious to touch base with everyone.  Two things are bugging me about that.  One, I actually called my husband and dictated what I wanted to tell everyone and had him post it because it’s such a bitch to type on a kindle, and two, I keep realizing, after the fact, that I’m divulging too much personal information.

I don’t know why I do that.  How sad is it that I have virtual friends, whom I will never meet, of the kind that I even enlist my husband to help me keep in touch and tell all of you more than you really wanted to know?  Anyway, long story short, I’m not going to share so much in the future.  I’ll try to stick to the facts of the post or interesting tidbits, political or otherwise, that are in the news.  I’m a little over whelmed with how complicated my life just got on several fronts so if I get a little edgy as we move forward, that’s my excuse, so just forgive me in advance, okay?

It looks like I’m going to be really busy in the foreseeable future so I’ll be here when I can or when it looks like there’s something of interest to discuss.

Btw, I deleted my comments from the past few days because I didn’t actually write them……………………….there’s your confession………………lol

Favor?  If I start yacking about my sister, my kids, swimming, the beach, my past or my niece, please tap me on the shoulder and tell me to knock it off okay?

Explanation Letter

Dear Commerce Team,

This evening, I notified Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank that I am taking a medical leave of absence in order to focus on resolving my health issues that arose over the weekend.

During this time, I will not perform the functions and duties of Commerce Secretary. Therefore, I am transferring these responsibilities to Dr. Blank who will serve as Acting Secretary, effective immediately.

As you know, Dr. Blank has strengthened our Department in this role before. I have every confidence in her.

I know that all of you will work to make this a seamless transition, and I thank you in advance for your continued work to help America’s businesses drive economic growth and job creation at this crucial moment in our nation’s recovery.

Finally, I want to thank all of you personally for your warm thoughts and support.


John Bryson


Footnote: Like Rick Perry and Barack Obama, John Bryson has argued for the termination of the Cabinet post of SecCommerce.

Fair Warning! Rabbit Hole Argument. Should Woodward and Bernstein Have Mentioned Their Sources’ Motives for Leaking Information

I’m of the opinion that Watergate did a huge disservice to the American electorate in glorifying unnamed sourcing in stories without having to reveal possible motives for the source’s leaking. This review of a new book discusses Mark Felt’s rather Machiavellian actions in trying to secure the Directorship of the FBI. Did he do the country a service? I have to wonder.

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