New Thread While Brent Pretends WP Is Giving Him Trouble 7/9/14

But we know the real reason.

Open Thread 7/8/14

Talking points not welcome.

Fresh Thread In Case Brent “Still Can’t Log Onto WordPress”

Freebird! (Holds up lighter.)

Happy 4th of July!

Stick it Georgie!

Weekend Open Thread

Put all new comments here or face Lms’s wrath!

Good Friday Post

Fresh thread since Brent’s taking *another* day off.

Jeez, banker’s hours.

Weekend Thread!

Where is the plane? Malayan PM now saying it flew for 7 hours.

It’s The Weekend!

Insert content here.

Mutiple Choice:

Sex is:

1] good.

2] sinful.

3] morally relative depending on the circumstances.

4] all of the above.

5] none of the above.

It’s The Weekend!

Edit: Shouldn’t a post include at least some text other than the headline? I think so, anyway, so there you go. -SC

Open Thread!

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