Bits & Pieces (Thursday Night Open Mic)

I linked to this song before, but now the actual music video is available. “Man or Muppet”, from The Muppets, one of my favorite movies this year. Of course, I love the Muppets.

Love it.

Um. How about the Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker for Sega Genesis? Profanity abounds.

Yeah, I’m low on content tonight. Feel free to add.

Bits & Piece (TGIF Edition)

You know what’s cool? Not MySpace, which, frankly, I thought sucked way before Facebook opened up a can of whoopass on ’em. I’m glad to see that my earlier judgement of them has proved to be correct. And ugly, impenetrable, non-functional interface and poor design will not succeed indefinitely, just because people can use the site to be “social”.

You know what actually is cool? The Amazon Kindle Fire.

If you’ve never seen Lonely Island’s Like a Boss, you should. Rated R for “Adult Situations”.

Speaking of Lonely Island (I’m sure someone said something about them), I love the SNL skit with Rhianna: Ronnie and Clyde. Don’t ask my why.

Abba interlude: The Dancing Queen Bridal March from Muriel’s Wedding.

For our Muppet fans, Miss Piggy meets Big Bird on the Muppet Show.

I’m outta here! Happy weekend, everybody — KW

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