Funday Sunnies

I don’t want to step on any toes, but here are some politically tinged comic strips which made me chuckle this week. Doonesbury ran with this concept all week, which kept getting funnier and funnier:


Given the lead time of newspaper comic strips, this one was rather presciently timed to coincide with the Komen Kerfuffle:

Candorville 2-10-2012


And that Mitt Romney is one handsome devil:

Cafe Con Leche 2/10/2012

Finally, this one in particular seems to sum up what is wrong with the internet:

On The Fastrack 2/6/2012

On The Fastrack

See you in the funny papers.

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Bits & Pieces (Friday Night Comics)(aka Figuring Out How to Create a Post and Schedule It)

NOTE for scheduling posts it appears that the default is Greenwich Mean Time, so you’ll have to do a little math to figure out when you want it to post; at least, we’ll know if I’m right if this pops up at 1800 EST/1700 CST/1600 MST/1500 PST this afternoon!

Update as of 1/13/2012 2219 MST: the blog is now set to MST (as the “old” ATiM was) so as long as we don’t muck around with the time zone–as I was doing today–everything should be fine.

For Scott, Mr McWingnut, and any other AGW deniers out there. . . you know who you are!  🙂


Never forget the science. . . science is our friend!


It’s all the Muppets’ faults.  Maybe we should stop linking their videos–it might have a bad influence on us and whether or not we believe in Universal Healthcare and the ACA. . . oh, wait, too late!


At least one of my cats has never figured out that this is how my beagle gets away with things:


Never thought about it that way!


All of the above were in Wednesday’s paper here in SLC–I haven’t laughed out loud at so many comics in one day in ages.  And, finally, in honor of Tuesday’s story in The Advocate:


Pat Bagley, our local editorial cartoonist.  Yee-haw!

Well, that seemed to be pretty painless–and, too cool! The buttons along the top (like bold and italic) automatically show you the html code if you’re editing in that window, so you don’t have to remember the code.  Now we’ll see if it’s scheduled correctly. . .

Forgot to change the scheduled time to MST, so we’ll see what happens in four minutes.

Let the countdown begin!

Update again as of 1/13/2012 2225: you can edit the size of the images (in this case, the comics) by clicking on them and then selecting the little icon that looks like a jpg icon in the upper left hand corner of the image (“Edit image”). I just reduced the size of each of them.

There’s a bit of a learning curve that we’re having to go through again, but I’m thinking that this site is going to be even better than Blogger was at its best. . . thanks, Kevin, lms and Scott!


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