Bits & Pieces (Sunday Night Open Mic)

Believe it or not, most of the time I’m not jealous of New Yorkers. I don’t much give a sh*t that they think they live in the center of the universe, and the rest of us are satellites which merely revolve, enviously, around the center of the universe that is NYC.

However, there’s a place of Brooklyn that serves fried chicken and waffles in a magical way.

That’s right. That’s a red velvet cake waffle. OMG. 

The best and the rest from The Daily:

Solyndra has it’s first fall guy. There ya go, problem solved.

Top Obama advisers worried about Solyndra.

A great little graphic of The Ten Year Afghanistan War.

A poll of vets regarding military service and the Afghanistan War.

Pakistan is considering charge the doctor who may have helped us nab Bin Ladin with treason.

The world’s oldest drivable car was built in 1884 and is steam driven. It still works, and it’s going up for auction.

Why (or should I say how) national Democrats always have and always will disappoint me.

Steve Jobs, the $1 a year billionaire.

Peter Ha recalls Steve Jobs.

The many, many tributes to Steve Jobs after his passing.

OWS is, in fact, the Herbal Tea Party.

Also . . .

Lee Stranahan makes the observation that I was suspecting, re: OWS. Protesting is mega-fun!

— KW

Occupy Wall Street

This photo has been making the rounds on Facebook. . . rumor also has it that it has been photoshopped to add people. I don’t know one way or the other, but I loved this comment that I saw posted on it: What they forget, when they scuttle the economy and put alot of people out of work, those people have alot of time on their hands.

My Sign-Off

I totally missed the point of Goose’s question on a previous thread. I do respect Troll and the Tea Party. I’d like to relate my experience of being a Washingtonian during the TP rallies. I saw a lot of folks out and about. My impression was that they were simply good people who care about their country. They’re not my enemy, even though I think they are profoundly mistaken.

So, why does the Fairlington Blade sign his posts with BB? It’s shorthand for buh-bye. Also for BuckyBall. Kraetschmer and Huffman first figured out how to synthesize buckyballs when I was a graduate student. My first big paper was on magnetic resonance spectroscopy of buckyballs and they’ve come back in my career. I recently submitted a paper on a study of zinc phthalocyanine and buckyballs. [Note – if you’ve used blue paint, you’ve used a phthalocyanine.]

Buckyball is shorthand for Buckminsterfullerene. Put in your mind a soccer ball. Black pentagons and white hexagons. Put a carbon atom at every corner. You’ll find that there are 60 corners. A buckyball is a geodesic sphere. It’s also a truncated icoshedron (a 20 sided die for us D&D geeks). Buckminster Fuller was an architect who invented the geodesic dome and so this molecule is named in his honor.

At some point, I decided to have a sign-off. My favorite might be Chevy Chase (I’m Chevy Chase and you’re…. not). Dennis Miller had a pretty good one too (I am out of here). Mine is succinct and says a little about me.

Wait for it.


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