Boos & Pieces (Monday Evening Candy Collection)

I should have come up with something more Halloweeny. What about Sarah Jessica Parker as a witch in Disney’s Hocus Pocus?

All right. How about some funny? More from Barely Political:

Ke$ha Parody, “I’m Trying to Hard”

Eminem and Rhianna in grade school (“I Know You Are But What Am I”):

Rant from a Gen Xer

Generation X says shut your pie hole.

I’m passing this along because I tend to enjoy generation generalizations. There’s some truth to them or they wouldn’t hit so close to home. If not, whatever.

And here’s the supposed Gen X anthem, like there’s anyone who really speaks for us.

Income Gaps and OWS Gets Chilly

Why am I a registered Republican? Because when I registered as a
Republican, I was at the height of my new-found conservatism, having been a liberal in my youth (as so many are). Also, because my disillusionment with liberalism (my own liberalism having been naïve) was so profound, I was taking the full pendulum trip to the other side.

I’m going to remain a registered Republican, although I become less enamored with the sorts of politicians the GOP puts forward (and are currently in office) every day. Income gap polling as an issue? Let’s try to own it!

Speaking of income gaps, Bridgeport, Connecticut is the city in the US with the biggest gap between rich and poor. It’s a blue city in a blue state, if we’re talking political affiliations.

In fact, it’s interesting that the same folks who repeatedly cited how blue states paid more in federal taxes, while red states received more in federal taxes, haven’t been interested in blue state/red state comparisons when it comes to the income gap. Perhaps it’s because states like New York—which is a fairly blue state—rank highest in wealth disparity.

Atlanta, Georgia has the highest income gap between 2005 and 2009. Aha, you say! Georgia is about as red as a state gets! Alas, Atlanta is a decidedly blue pocket in that red, red state.

Washington, DC is also a city with some of the greatest income disparity, according to latest census data.

Interesting, most of the cities with the highest income gaps are blue cities (in terms of both local government and who they tend to vote for in national elections) swimming in seas of red. Atlanta, Dallas, Gainesville, Baton Rouge.

Among the states with the most unequal income, we find California, Connecticut, New York, Louisiana, as well as Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama and D.C., if you want to count them as a state. What does that tell us? That even liberals and Democrats have a very hard time doing anything to effect the income gap, and that even fair progressive policies (such as those employed in California, New York, and Connecticut) don’t necessarily do much in regards to controlling income disparity. Also, that legalized gambling made a lot of people very rich in Mississippi.


I have noted that I expect most protests to have a partying, here-for-the-babes-and-drugs type element. Well, those folks are going to be going home. When the weather starts freezing, the partying is over for the party-people.

Unemployment is higher for veterans. We apparently don’t do much for placement. Clearly, we can and should do better. We spend a great deal on defense, we can’t afford some time spent on placing folks exiting the service?

The gap between rich and poor foods is narrowing. Supposedly. I still think anybody can eat inexpensively with judicious shopping, and perhaps a little gardening. Fast food and restaurant eating (Chipotle? Really) is still, in my experience, a lot more expensive than smart shopping, clipping coupons, and owning a freezer.

Are more taxes and regulation the path to prosperity? Well, Maryland is going to find out, starting (but not stopping) with higher taxes on toilets.

Less regulations under Obama than Bush? But the problem is, Obama’s regulation are more onerous or expensive. Jeeze, you people are never happy.

The Teleprompter Meme

Many years ago I was doing some banking at a drive-up ATM machine and went to pull out a deposit envelope (back in the days when you needed an envelope). Instead, out came a poorly photocopied racist tract that someone had filled the slot with. The group credited with authorship had the usual assortment of white supremacist buzzwords in their organizational name but it clearly reflected the thoughts and opinions of the Klu Klux Klan and its even more racist brethren.

The premise of the poorly–spelled and grammatically-suspect tract was that Africans did not have the intelligence that White people had despite the attempts of the Liberal Media to make it appear otherwise. In particular, it asserted that all public speaking African-Americans (and that was a phrase used nowhere in the piece, the n-word and various references to primates being the preferred terms) were nothing better than trained chimps taught to parrot words given them by their masters.

The essay made a great fuss how most modern local news shows paired an attractive white woman with a supposedly articulate black man. It went on and on about how this was a terrible fraud since the man had no ability to understand the words he was saying. It then went into great detail about how this was a blatant attempt to make Blacks look like the intellectual equals of Whites while feeding the viewing public via happy-talk banter a pro-miscegenation message. The pamphlet was vile and vulgar and perhaps the most despicably racist thing I have ever read. I immediately threw it away with disgust thinking that nobody could possibly be swayed by that garbage.

Only the thoughts behind that screed live on today in The Teleprompter Meme. There is perhaps no more studied contrast in public speaking ability than that between Barack Obama and his predecesor, the infamously mush-mouthed George W. Bush. And while it usually is a left-handed compliment to call any black man ‘articulate’ as if it is as shocking to encounter one as it is to see a walking dog, Obama is truly articulate and eloquent, with or without a prepared text.

And while ascribing Obama’s poise to his ability to read off a teleprompter can be written off as typical Republican Big Lie Jujitsu (accuse your enemy of lacking their biggest strength) it also ties into the deeper racial subtext that somehow Obama is a fraud and a puppet. The sheer virulence and perseverance of The Teleprompter meme shows that it somehow resonates with the conservative base who see Obama’s presidency as being at some level illegitimate.

When a truck carrying the presidential speaking gear including the POTUS podium and the teleprompter was briefly stolen, all sorts of right-wing blogs snickered about the Obama presidency being paralyzed by the loss. TOTUS as a shorthand phrase for the demeaning Teleprompter of the Unites States is a catch phrase the wingnuts instantly recognized and even had its own parody blog and multiple Twitter feeds.

And while it can be argued that there is not an overtly racist interpretation of this concept, I defy anyone to explain how a theme designed solely to make the president appear far less intelligent and independent than he is does not play into racial stereotypes at some level.

And now Rick Perry is playing the Teleprompter Card. In his latest campaign commercial (as quoted by The Fix because the YouTube link has already been pulled) he says:

“If you’re looking for a slick politician or a guy with great teleprompter skills, we already have that, and he’s destroying our economy,” an upbeat Perry says in the ad. “I’m a doer, not a talker.”

By specifically using the word ‘teleprompter’, Perry is making a dogwhistle directly contrasting himself with Obama.

Of all the slurs used against Obama, I find the Teleprompter Meme the most insidious because it reaches a dark portion of the conservative soul. People respond to it at a visceral level not even realizing how their prejudices are being played. Every time I encounter it, I immediately call it out as being crypto-racist and I always face some blowback. People refuse to acknowledge the racist underpinnings of the meme. But pay attention. See how it gets used and it what context. And don’t let people get away with it.

Axelrod’s Accusations

This was discussed in the comments to MsJS’s excellent post so I thought I would give it it’s own post.

I’m sure most people are familiar with the story, but in case they aren’t our old buddy Greg has a good summary. This jist is that Axelrod is accusing Republicans of purposefully hurting the economy in order to damage Obama’s reelection prospects.

As several here have already pointed out, this isn’t exactly a new political tactic. However, given the context of the present political situation, I do think it is an interesting development. Nobody in DC is popular right now, but Congress seems to be less popular than Obama. So perhaps placing the blame on the unpopular kid is a decent strategy.

On the other hand (others ponted this out) this move could potentially make Republicans look stronger than they really are and blaming someone else is not generally the kind of leadership people are looking for from their President.

My opinion? Glad you asked. There is some truth to the notion that Republicans want to block anything Obama supports. But I don’t think it’s a nefarious effort to destroy the economy. Given Obama’s general unpopularity, it’s probably not even a bad political strategy (although it doesn’t appear to be making them more popular). Greg frequently cites polls that show Americans support various portions of Obama’s economic and health care plans as evidence of a variety of things ranging from Republicans not listening to Americans to Americans being less conservative and many more. My takeway is that Obama is unpopular and if you put his name next to rainbows, the popularity of rainbows would take a hit. As a result, it makes sense politically for Axelrod to point the finger at Republicans and for Republicans to oppose most anything Obama proposes.

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