Weekend Open Thread (Long Version)

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all; I just got back from a trip to visit Mike Teng and family in Tampa. As a result I slept like a log last night and missed the meteor shower (although I’ve heard it was a bust, at least in this part of the country).

Here is a fun little ditty that I thought you’d enjoy.

Have a great time this weekend–

Weekend Open Thread

Nothing much to comment on, so I thought I’d drop some music in on you. Aloe Blacc is one talented guy:

But, of course, there is always the incomparable Aaron Neville:

Happy weekend, all!

Saturday Open Thread

Since McWing hasn’t put up a weekend thread yet I’ll pick up his slack.

Thought for the day:

With foxes we must play the fox.

Thomas Fuller

Which of course, in today’s day and age, led me immediately to this:

Birthdays today:

William Shakespeare, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Kevin James, John James Audubon, Jet Li

Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight

This weekend the NCAA women are in the Sweet Sixteen round. Today’s games:

University of Kentucky vs Baylor (12:00 noon EDT)(all games are on ESPN) UPDATE: Baylor 90 – 72

Oklahoma State vs Notre Dame (2:00 pm EDT) Go Irish! UPDATE: Notre Dame 89 – 72 Yay, Mrs NoVA!

BYU vs UConn (4:30 pm EDT) Go Huskies! (In the spirit of rooting for anybody who’s playing against BYU) UPDATE: UConn 70 – 51

DePaul vs Texas A&M (6:30 pm EDT) UPDATE: Texas A&M 84 – 65

Sunday’s games:

University of Maryland vs Tennessee (12:00 noon EDT) Go Terps! UPDATE: Maryland 73 – 62

LSU vs Louisville (2:20 pm EDT) UPDATE: Louisville 73 – 47

PSU vs Stanford (4:30 pm EDT) UPDATE: Stanford 82 – 57

UNC vs South Carolina (6:30 pm EDT) UPDATE: UNC 65 – 58

And of course, the men’s tournament is in the Elite Eight round. The games the last two days–and especially last night–have been some great basketball! Today’s games :

Dayton vs Florida (6:09 pm EDT, TBS)(Why in the world the “09”? Why not 6:10?) UPDATE: Florida 62 – 52

Wisconsin vs Arizona (8:49 pm EDT, TBS). For McWing’s sake, Go ‘Cats! But I have to admit, my heart is with the Badgers. UPDATE: Wisconsin 64 – 63 in overtime. The Badgers were trying to kill me tonight!


UConn vs MSU (2:20 pm EDT, CBS). Do you even have to ask? GO STATE!! UPDATE: UConn 60 – 54

University of Kentucky vs UM (5:05 pm EDT, CBS). Let’s Go Blue! UPDATE: UK 75 – 72

Dare I hope that 75% of the Final Four be BiG teams?

Sigh. There is no joy in Mudville tonight.

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