Happy New Year to ATiM (Again)!

Happy New Year to all of you! It has been a long, interesting road. . .

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you! May your plates and portfolios be full, and may we all have peace and hope.



And, of course, may all the correct teams win this weekend!

Weekend Open Thread (Long Version)

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all; I just got back from a trip to visit Mike Teng and family in Tampa. As a result I slept like a log last night and missed the meteor shower (although I’ve heard it was a bust, at least in this part of the country).

Here is a fun little ditty that I thought you’d enjoy.

Have a great time this weekend–

Weekend Open Thread

Nothing much to comment on, so I thought I’d drop some music in on you. Aloe Blacc is one talented guy:

But, of course, there is always the incomparable Aaron Neville:

Happy weekend, all!

Saturday Open Thread

Since McWing hasn’t put up a weekend thread yet I’ll pick up his slack.

Thought for the day:

With foxes we must play the fox.

Thomas Fuller

Which of course, in today’s day and age, led me immediately to this:

Birthdays today:

William Shakespeare, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Kevin James, John James Audubon, Jet Li

Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight

This weekend the NCAA women are in the Sweet Sixteen round. Today’s games:

University of Kentucky vs Baylor (12:00 noon EDT)(all games are on ESPN) UPDATE: Baylor 90 – 72

Oklahoma State vs Notre Dame (2:00 pm EDT) Go Irish! UPDATE: Notre Dame 89 – 72 Yay, Mrs NoVA!

BYU vs UConn (4:30 pm EDT) Go Huskies! (In the spirit of rooting for anybody who’s playing against BYU) UPDATE: UConn 70 – 51

DePaul vs Texas A&M (6:30 pm EDT) UPDATE: Texas A&M 84 – 65

Sunday’s games:

University of Maryland vs Tennessee (12:00 noon EDT) Go Terps! UPDATE: Maryland 73 – 62

LSU vs Louisville (2:20 pm EDT) UPDATE: Louisville 73 – 47

PSU vs Stanford (4:30 pm EDT) UPDATE: Stanford 82 – 57

UNC vs South Carolina (6:30 pm EDT) UPDATE: UNC 65 – 58

And of course, the men’s tournament is in the Elite Eight round. The games the last two days–and especially last night–have been some great basketball! Today’s games :

Dayton vs Florida (6:09 pm EDT, TBS)(Why in the world the “09”? Why not 6:10?) UPDATE: Florida 62 – 52

Wisconsin vs Arizona (8:49 pm EDT, TBS). For McWing’s sake, Go ‘Cats! But I have to admit, my heart is with the Badgers. UPDATE: Wisconsin 64 – 63 in overtime. The Badgers were trying to kill me tonight!


UConn vs MSU (2:20 pm EDT, CBS). Do you even have to ask? GO STATE!! UPDATE: UConn 60 – 54

University of Kentucky vs UM (5:05 pm EDT, CBS). Let’s Go Blue! UPDATE: UK 75 – 72

Dare I hope that 75% of the Final Four be BiG teams?

Sigh. There is no joy in Mudville tonight.

Saturday Open Thread 1/11/2014

Unlike last weekend it looks like the weather is swinging the other way (at least here in the mid-Atlantic area)–fog and rain here today and tomorrow and then warming up into the 50s early in the week. I’m guessing we have some very confused plant life out there!

Playoffs start in earnest in the NFL, and (since my Packers and the Eagles both lost last weekend) I’m reduced to hoping the Seahawks make it into the Super Bowl.

Happy weekend, all!

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