What You Don’t Know About Marriage

No, I’m pretty sure I do. Nevertheless, as a long-married feller myself, this was a fun watch.

Jenna McCarthy is not the same person as Jenny McCarthy. I misread the name when I first went to watch it. Lesson for you women wanting to hold on to your man? Don’t win the Best Actress Oscar.

Hire the Hackers

What we can do with our own blog . . .

For example, I’m embedding a video on cyber security (it is interesting, though). As a bonus, the guy gets in a couple of good shots at Fox. It also represents a problem I’ve had with business and government response to technological innovation since I was a kid. Old school people in all walks seem to think they are going to out-think, outsmart, and out-maneuver technology, when embracing it would work much better. Which he touches on . . .


Update: I’m also going to try and embed a song I wrote, just for the sake of expanding my knowledge:


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