Patience You Must Learn Patience

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ATiM: Dead or Alive?

ATiM has been extremely quiet for some time now. Brent keeps up his morning post, and both jnc and McWing continue to post daily links, but apart from that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of commentary. A lot of people seem to have checked out for good. At the moment ATiM is, at best, on life support, if not dead altogether. Can it be revived? Should it be? What needs to be done in order to revive it, or should it be put out of its misery altogether?

Anyone out there lurking who would care to offer up an opinion? Consider it an exit interview…brutal honesty is welcome.

Another Female Bites the Dust at ATiM (Gee, there’s a surprise)


Another liberal female is quitting ATiM. (And there never were any conservative females here, so that makes it pretty misogynist.) Hooray! Michi is the only one left.

Aren’t you guys really proud? Heh.

I’m Leaving

So, I think it’s time for me to leave y’all to your own devices. I’ve had some inklings lately that I’m not suited to the atmosphere here anymore (my own fault) and I really need to spend some time working on a few other projects. You’re all in capable hands (your own) and will hopefully carry on just fine. One suggestion I have is I think ATiM works best if you put the time in to create posts, at least two or three a day on various subjects……… man up! Hahahahahaha

Seriously, I’ll try to check in on you once in awhile and you know where to find me via email, but please don’t worry if I don’t respond right away. It’s been a tough year for me and I need to change the direction of my life a little and spend a little less time on the internet, while I still have time for other things. I have about six quilts I need to finish, that’s number one.

Love all of you!!!!!!!!!

PS the book review post is scheduled for tomorrow. If you don’t want to carry on with that feature would someone delete the widget after this weekend. I’ll be gone tomorrow so won’t be able to participate.

Sorry for the Friday post but it’s a good dump day for news…lol

Happy Anniversary, ATiM

Today is ATiM’s first anniversary, and I think a hearty congratulations are in order, both for the site and for everyone involved in making it the success it has become.

Success, of course, was (and, if we are honest, remains) not assured. Bringing together strong personalities with passionate opinions from as wide a range of ideologies and perspectives as we have here to discuss political issues was always a risky prospect. And while many blogs survive and thrive on the combustible energy and oftentimes unpleasant atmosphere created by such a diverse mix of opinions, from the beginning All Things in Moderation was, as the name implies, intended to be something different. As I wrote in What ATiM is All About, “we created ATiM as a place where political discussion and debate can take place in the absence of the kind of unproductive vitriol that has come to characterize much of blog commentary these days.”

Naturally, we’ve (and especially I’ve) not always succeeded. We lost a few early invitees almost immediately, and a couple more along the way. We’ve had our share of sharp and pissed off exchanges, and a couple of times it seemed, to me at least, like the whole enterprise was going to collapse. But here we still are, going strong, and a lot more positive than negative to show for it.

On a personal level, I truly appreciate ATiM. I have long been a political blog junkie and have been posting on comment boards since I first discovered them over 15 years ago. I’ve jumped from place to place, and had spent the two years prior to ATiM’s inception posting at Greg Sargent’s Plum Line. It had become an extremely unpleasant place to be, but I hung around primarily because of some of the relationships I had developed while there, notably with QB, McWing, and lms. ATiM has allowed me to maintain those relationships, and develop others I never would have, outside of the cesspool that is the Plum Line. I know many of you still participate there, but I for one am thankful that I have no more reason to visit there anymore.

I want to send out a couple of personal thank you’s on this first anniversary. First, to Brent, who’s Morning Report has been crucial to ATiM’s continued existence. I truly believe that without his daily efforts ATiM probably would have died more than once over the last year. He is the unsung hero of ATiM. Also to Mark and Kevin for their efforts at getting ATiM started, Mark behind the scenes recruiting and Kevin for being the technical genius at actually creating the site itself. (I also miss Kevin’s daily Bits n Pieces). And finally, a big thanks to lms. She was the catalyst that got ATiM off the ground. If I am not mistaken, lms and I were debating each other at the Plum Line for longer than anyone else here (except for possibly QB), and given the tone of some of those debates (one early one resulted in lms literally telling me she hated me), she could easily have chosen to leave me out. But she didn’t and for that I am eternally grateful. Here’s to hoping for a lot more debates in the future, lms.

Happy anniversary, ATiM.


(Please feel free to add your own anniversary thoughts to the bottom of this post, if you don’t want to make your own new post.)


There seems to be a problem with the site. All posts are showing up in italics. I am investigating, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Update 9:52 est: Still no solution. I’ve looked through and tried to adjust the CSS, but nothing works. Seems like a higher level problem. I’ve contacted WordPress and await their answer.

Update 12:10 est: All fixed. My error. When I updated the quotation of the day, I had a bad html tag, which (surprisingly, to me) fed through to the entire site. All better. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

A Thanks to All the “Moderates”

Of course, by “Moderate”, I mean that as a name for a participants on this blog. Sort of like “Go Panthers!” except that, since the blog is called “All Things in Moderation”, we are all “Moderates”. In the same sense that the members of a sports team are “Panthers”.

When a new post comes up, or a new comment is posted, it is natural to dive right into the meat of it. Generally, we either start asking questions, concurring (with amplification), or disagreeing, and launching into debate. Which is all well and good: that’s sort of the point, after all!

However, when individuals make the sort of efforts that Michigoose has recently on her Komen articles, or someone takes time out of their busy schedule to contribute, as did ABC the other day, or someone like Fairlington Blade puts so much energy into explaining to all of us how his job works, I think a special thanks is also in order.

And the Morning Report! I realize Brent posts them at his own blog, but he takes the time to bring them over here and share, and they are awesome.

There are some really heroic efforts being made here when it comes to content, and I just wanted to express my own heartfelt thanks to everybody for their participation.

While citing Brent and Michigoose and ABC, the same shout out goes to everybody who contributes content. When we see a post, we often dig into the meat of the debate, which is good. But it’s also good to thank the folks who are devoting so much time and energy (and providing so much unique insight) for starting the conversations.

So, thanks!

Wednesday Admin Open Thread

Ask your questions and discuss problems in this thread today.  I don’t want to disrupt another thread and the conversation going on there.  Hopefully, we won’t need these threads much longer.  At some point we’ll put up a FAQ tab but it may take a little time.  Michi did the last one and did a fantastic job but I don’t expect her to do it again without some help.  Maybe if she starts it, we could all add to it and then edit each others q & a’s.  Unless of course she wants to do it again….. 🙂

Update:  After reading comments from last night it appears there are issues with various mobile devices and your ipad.  Any suggestions or has anyone found a work around these issues they’d like to share?

Also, in thinking about the FAQ page, perhaps we could all just write a brief paragraph regarding a feature or use of the format and then michi could just edit and put into the q & a form.  I’m trying to think of a way we can all contribute to the process so it’s not so much work for one person.

Update II: 

Internet to Shut Down Wednesday to Protest SOPA and PIPA

Less than 24 hours after I noted that we’ve won a brief respite from SOPA, the bill’s chief sponsor said it’s back on track for mark up in February.

But a number of the world’s most popular websites – including Wikipedia, Twitpic, Reddit, Imgur, Mozilla and WordPress – are “going dark” on Wednesday January 18th to protest the censorship bills (SOPA and PIPA).

In addition, Google and other web titans will place prominent messages on their front pages urging their readers to oppose the draconian bills.

This could affect us today so don’t panic…’s only one day.

New Admin Post

I thought I’d put up a new admin post in case there are still questions, suggestions, comments etc. regarding the new and improved All Things in Moderation blog.  I’d like to thank everyone for their diligence, creativity and patience since Friday when Kevin moved us here.  Just to recap, blogger made some changes we couldn’t live with so here we are.  We’re still waiting for a few people to sign in and/or find us so it seems somewhat logical to keep another open thread up for the next day or so.

Kevin should be checking in Tuesday or Wednesday  to add our logo at the top of the page, and possibly make some other changes, so we’re not quite done yet.

Anyway, glad you followed us over here for those of you who have, and welcome to those of you who are just now signing in.

Dropped this photo in just to see if I knew how and because I’m thinking of my garden already.  A Farmer’s Market in Spain.


It seemed to work well for us for a couple of days when we started on Blogspot, so here’s a post to serve as the place to ask questions, add tidbits for a future faqs page, share your newly acquired wisdom, publish your wish list and sound off on what you do and don’t prefer to see in terms of functionality and appearance.  At least until next Monday.

And I’m oh-so-sure that not one of us will post admin/pref comments on any other thread.


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