Rules of Engagement

Please obey The Administrators. They are here for your protection.

Here are the rules of participation, either as author or commenter, at All Things in Moderation:

  1. No violent rhetoric. Period. There is zero tolerance for it. It’s not necessary to any productive conversation. If you are wondering if something is too violent or not, email an admin and ask, or find another way to say it. If it’s worth saying, there is another way to say it.
  2. No name calling. Everybody has a name or a handle. Use that. Gentle ribbing is understood, but if someone has your dander up, or you are actually angry, don’t even do gentle ribbing. If you have to call them anything, use their name or their handle.
  3. Commenters: there are a lot of administrators here. If you try to disrupt the conversation, your posts will be deleted, quickly and without apology. If we’re assailed, we will be happy to turn comments off for anyone but admins. The point is a productive dialog. No others need apply.
  4. This is a blog for adults. We don’t censor naughty words, so consider yourself warned. That having been said, too much salty language spoils the conversational broth. Profanity-laced tirades are not the idea.
  5. Take it down a notch. People will slip, and say things that are rude, or absolutist, or hubristic. Your role, in that situation, should probably be to talk them down off the ledge, not get up there with them. Just saying’.
  6. No Nazis. Nobody here is a Nazi or a Holocaust Denier. Apparently, this is not as clearly implied above as I thought, so I’m making it clear: there is no reason in a productive conversation to compare anybody here, or any political group or school of thought represented, to Nazis or Holocaust Deniers or skinheads or, heck, you pick. If you really feel compelled to include a history lesson about Nazi Germany or Holocaust Denial or some anecdote regarding neo-Nazis, think very long and hard about what you say. If you don’t have the time to give it deep consideration, then I humbly suggest you leave it out of the conversation.

Be kind, show respect, and all will be right with the world.

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