NFL Sunday Open Thread

Quite the day yesterday, football-wise!  A few blowouts, a couple of nail-biters (I’m still somewhat breathless from USF’s win over Nevada), and a lot of good football.  Not to mention Arizona exceeding all of McWing’s expectations!

So who here roots for who?  I’m a Lion’s girl (playing the Rams today at home, and favored to win), which has taught me much humility, as well as a Seahawks fan (who are playing at Arizona but favored to win, also) which has enforced the humility factor.  I’m also a Packers stockholder (favored to win at home over the ‘Niners).  Life is complicated sometimes.

On a somewhat political note, I had no idea Jimmy Fallon was so talented:

I’ve seen Romney, I’ve seen Bain
I’ve seen Clinton speeches I thought would never end
I’ve seen crazy guys talking to invisible men
So I’ll prob’ly vote Obama again

And you gotta love his idea of the dream team!

OK, who has something to add?  I keep hoping Fairlington Blade will drop by with his ceviche recipe.

Happy Sunday!


Long Lost Bits ‘n Pieces

I’m bored, so figured I would resurrect an old ATiM standby.

Viral video, dueling covers of Call Me Maybe by the Harvard baseball team and the SMU women’s swimming team. I vote for the women, although Harvard was the original.

Apparel at the Obama store gives us a good idea of how Obama views America…a collection of special interest groups: African Americans for Obama; Latino’s for Obama; Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (seriously) for Obama; LGBT for Obama; Jewish Americans for Obama. Ah, Obama, a true uniter.

Molecules with unusual and silly names.

The science behind X-rays, microwave ovens, lasers, and other cool stuff explained.

One of my favorite shows from the UK. A sort of candid camera type show called Trigger Happy TV.

It’s Saturday, and Things are Slow

Both here at Chez Michigoose and, evidently, at ATiM.  So I thought I’d try my hand at embedding videos.

First up, is an amazing ad from Rick Perry.  What makes it amazing to me is the amount of dislike that he manages to express in one small, 31-second snippet.  Gays, non-Christians (or even Christians who just don’t publicly proclaim their faith–which I’m pretty sure is something that Jesus himself suggested), the President. . . he really packs it in there!

Second up is a clever rebuttal.

All I’m gonna add is that, as a commenter on Political Animal noted, I don’t think that Rick Perry’s barn coat has ever seen an honest day’s work.  What is it about this man, Mark, Mr Troll McWingnut, and others familiar with Texas politics, that has made him such an unstoppable force within the state?  Now that he’s on the national stage he sure seems like a bit of a doofus.

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