Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you! May your plates and portfolios be full, and may we all have peace and hope.



And, of course, may all the correct teams win this weekend!

11 Responses

  1. Frist! Hah! Happy Thunksgorving to you, too! And to everybody, a happy new month. And a handful of days.


  2. I’m glad it’s happening.


    • McWing:

      I thought this part of the Harris interview was interesting, as it relates to a discussion you and I had some time ago:

      Thus, to say that something is “good” is not to say anything about reality. As I argued in The Moral Landscape and elsewhere, I think this is utterly false. There are perfectly rational ways to think about moral truth.


  3. I believe I can ignore all his writings because he’s an Islamaphobe.

    Am I doing this right?


  4. Coincidence?

    How many of us here believe there could be no FBI file on an individual cleared to access the Whitehouse as a reporter?


  5. I hate Pete Carroll.


  6. I don’t like him either.


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