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  1. Frist! Hah! Happy Thunksgorving to you, too! And to everybody, a happy new month. And a handful of days.


  2. I’m glad it’s happening.


    • McWing:

      I thought this part of the Harris interview was interesting, as it relates to a discussion you and I had some time ago:

      Thus, to say that something is “good” is not to say anything about reality. As I argued in The Moral Landscape and elsewhere, I think this is utterly false. There are perfectly rational ways to think about moral truth.


  3. I believe I can ignore all his writings because he’s an Islamaphobe.

    Am I doing this right?


  4. Coincidence?


    How many of us here believe there could be no FBI file on an individual cleared to access the Whitehouse as a reporter?


  5. I hate Pete Carroll.


  6. I don’t like him either.


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