Weekend Open Thread (Long Version)

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all; I just got back from a trip to visit Mike Teng and family in Tampa. As a result I slept like a log last night and missed the meteor shower (although I’ve heard it was a bust, at least in this part of the country).

Here is a fun little ditty that I thought you’d enjoy.

Have a great time this weekend–

17 Responses

  1. I got 16/25 on the quiz, but more than half of those were guesses (and I had read almost every book. . . but some of them were in HS and freshman English in college). I disagree with QB, though, in that I thought that most of them are worth reading. But, then, I read just about anything and everything (and even like Robert Heinlein’s later works, which I’ve been told definitively demonstrates that I have no taste 🙂 ).


    • Not sure I said most aren’t worth reading although I suppose I wasn’t very precise. But some that I was never required to read have never gotten close to the top of my priorities. I will never try to read finnegan’s wake. Started once and quit. Did not like.

      I started reading With the Old Breed last night. Riveting. What a writer. Seems fitting for Memorial Day.


  2. I will never try to read finnegan’s wake.

    Oh, lord! I managed to make it through “Dubliners” and that is the only piece by Joyce that I’ve ever read. I’ve got “Ulysses” and it makes a fine doorstop.

    I’m finishing up “Fortune’s Favorites” in McCullough’s Masters of Rome series. I haven’t decided whether to plunge straight into book 4 in the series or take a break with something else first. I’m going to go look up “With the Old Breed”.


  3. Michi, when you talk to Mike again give him my best regards. I really miss that guy and he was a great friend while I was sick and very helpful and reassuring during my freak out days! What a great guy!

    Also, I generally hate what I’m reading. I never seem to be able to find the perfect book but keep trying.

    On Memorial Day weekend I usually re-read my Dad’s WW2 diary and a couple of letters my mother wrote me before her death. I also have a few notes and letters from my niece that I read pretty frequently. I hope that doesn’t sound too maudlin……lol. I just really miss all three of them and it keeps their essence fresh in my mind and memory. The war changed the trajectory of my Dad’s life but he was always a courageous and no nonsense kind of guy regardless. I love that!

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  4. I admit to hating Catcher in the Rye and The Great Gatsby. I was/am a huge fan of On the Road and Beats in general.

    Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day!


  5. Never read “The Great Gatsby” (I really don’t like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing in general) but I just saw the most recent movie version. . . which I did like. “Catcher In The Rye” was one I didn’t read until only a few years ago; maybe being an adult makes a difference.

    when you talk to Mike again give him my best regards

    Will do!


  6. I like the specificity of this subject line:

    RE: $9,950.61 Deposit For “Michigoose”@yahoo.com

    That 61¢ makes those Nigerians look like idiots for thinking I’d fall for their scams. Ha!


  7. This is funny and I still don’t ever want to live in New York!


    My favorite:

    9. L.A. feels like a Xanax, like your limbs have been dipped in a vat of pudding. You’re always weirdly sleepy, even though you haven’t really done anything. Perhaps it’s because the sun is always beating down on you? In New York, you always feel like you’re halfway through drinking that cup of coffee you didn’t need.


  8. Don’t know how accurate it is about LA – only visited, never lived there, but I lived in San Diego for 5 years and Manhattan for about 10.

    While this one is a little extreme, there is a something to it: “New York is different though. Living here basically entails being humiliated on a daily basis. It’s like being served a slice of humble pie over and over again. So even if you do develop an ego and start to think you’re the shit, there will always be something waiting to bring you back down to Earth.”

    Nobody is going to blow sunshine up your ass in NY. Nobody.


  9. What a great place to live!


  10. Something I love about the scams is that they deliberately misspell words. It’s a way of weeding out the non-gullible.



  11. The price of electricity will necessarily skyrocket.



  12. I heard the Michigan advertisement on C-SPAN this morning and assumed it was out of context. Nope. In context. Geez.

    Interesting that the big run up in electricity prices occurred under an oil man. I suspect Kevin’s bitch would prefer to ignore that fact.




  13. FB:

    Interesting that the big run up in electricity prices occurred under an oil man.

    I’m struggling to see what is interesting about it. I kind of doubt that electricity prices are a function of the employment history of the president.


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