Saturday Open Thread 1/11/2014

Unlike last weekend it looks like the weather is swinging the other way (at least here in the mid-Atlantic area)–fog and rain here today and tomorrow and then warming up into the 50s early in the week. I’m guessing we have some very confused plant life out there!

Playoffs start in earnest in the NFL, and (since my Packers and the Eagles both lost last weekend) I’m reduced to hoping the Seahawks make it into the Super Bowl.

Happy weekend, all!

2 Responses

  1. BTW, I drove down to Arlington last night and had dinner with Fairlington Blade and family. He really is as good a cook as it sounds from his recipes. Dinner was scallop ceviché, shrimp with mango and a rice and black bean side dish with a fabulous Latin American hot sauce–if you ever get an invitation to dine at Chez Blade don’t turn it down!


  2. I want a dragon.

    Rainbow-farting bunnies are all well and good, but with a dragon I could channel my inner Targaryen!


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