Sunny Fundays

In the tradition of his talking cigarettes and joints, Gary Trudeau has added a new character, Jimmy Crow, to anthropize the voter disenfranchisement trend.

You expect this sort of pointed political commentary from Doonesbury, but you don’t expect Marmaduke to be doing topical pointed election humor.

In this case, they are clearly making fun of the recent news stories about household pets getting voter application notices.

For our more finance and market oriented ATiMers, can there be a more succinct explanation of the Greater Fool theory than this comic:

Finally, I will not pass comment on the veracity of the assertations in this strip.

See you in the funny papers.

8 Responses

  1. Thanx for the smiles.

    While I am not opposed to voter ID laws, I am suspicious of the motives, now. I admit I was once quite unconcerned about disenfranchisement, but my view has altered due to the media coverage of the lengths some have had to go to in order to get IDs.


  2. I like the stock market comic. We never, ever made any money on a mutual fund type of investment with a broker. Once we took it over ourselves and simply invested in companies we had faith in that paid dividends we started making money. Eventually all but one of the other IRA accounts have been transferred out and are under our control now. My husband still has one $2000 original investment from over 10 years ago that is now worth about $750 dollars but the only way to get it out is as monthly payments of $21 or something. It’s crazy.


  3. Mark

    Everyone says “what’s the big deal about having a picture ID?” but like you I question both the timing and the necessity. It’s not worth it if we disenfranchise voters, which is the only recourse we really have as citizens to change the direction of the country or influence the political process. There was that one report from FL of a hundred or so cases out of thousands of voters that everyone likes to use as justification, but I’m not buying it personally.


  4. “I happen to know that in the future, I will not have the slightest use for algebra – and I speak from experience.” –Peggy Sue Got Married

    A terrible idea. Algebra is where mathematical concepts are abstracted. While strong practical math skills are needed too, being able to manipulate concepts is also a necessary skill.


  5. I would think algebra is a fundamental tool in teaching logic and reasoning.


    • I loved math. Made 800 SAT. I cannot judge this for others, at all. My own thought was that geometry was my introduction to logic.

      My wife, who was an ace Algebra student in HS and college but never took calculus, says that algebra internalized makes the course called Intermediate Accounting make sense.

      My Economics major did rely on elementary calculus. My engineering physics classes relied on calculus and diffEq. Lawyering? Well, I can tell that some pseudotechnical opinions are pseudo.

      But I cannot refute what this fellow wrote in any major respect, because you actually have to be pretty good at algebra to even know that it deepens your “automatic [inferential] thinking” as an accountant. I don’t know what good it does to have physicians struggle through calculus.


  6. We’re all pretty good at math around here so it’s hard for me to judge as well. I don’t think dropping out of school however is the best alternative to being unable to pass an algebra equivalency test. Perhaps after two or three tries the student should be given a waiver. I’ve know lots of great and talented people who are decidedly not good at math of any sort but especially algebra.


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