Morning Report 7/31/12

No MR this week either.  Working on the West Coast and the tech gremlins aren’t cooperating.  Will try later this week, but so far having too many difficulties..


Rs and Ds think they have a six month stopgap compromise on spending that they will get to after their recess, during the last six days of the fiscal year.  Apparently they are staying within the Budget Control Act guidelines they set when they settled the debt ceiling extension.

Apparently flooding the financial world with money from central banks does not increase lending or stimulate the economy.

Today would have been Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday.  My own undergraduate education was influenced greatly by Mr. Friedman.  The Economist offers this:

Brent – you were supposed to return yesterday.  If you see this, and let us know when you will return, I will try to post a tres faux morning report until then.  But expecting the real thing, now I will only post filler!

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