Why I Love Mark,

even though he’s clearly too old for me, he and I are both happily married to other people and he lives in Frickin’ Texas.  Here’s part of a comment he made at the PL that didn’t get enough coverage.  We can still be friends though.

I sometimes come here just to read Shrink’s links, or john’s, or jncp’s, or suek’s. When I see a substantive discussion, if I have time I might join in. But this place bogs down if it celebrates the momentary gain from political low blows which is always followed by a further obfuscation of the real discussions that could be had here, if not by the nominees. 
Which is why I want Gary Johnson to do better in the polls. We need another voice in the TV debates or they will sound like…”Obamacare”…”Romneycare”…”Bain”…”tax and spend”…”tax cuts for the rich”…and no one will even mention that CONGRESS HAS NOT DONE ITS JOB< EITHER D, R, OR MIXED, IN YEARS and the American people will go on being told by the challenger that the POTUS can do everything while the incumbent is bound by the fact that the POTUS can do little [after having campaigned saying the POTUS can do it all].  
But here, we could agree that POTUS cannot do what any nominee promises, and then talk about what should be done by Congress and by POTUS. No matter what we say here about the horse race of politics it will happen. It would be more difficult but more rewarding to focus on issues, here.

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