Good Golly! Quantum Locking Is Crazy Cool

I don’t know how they’ll get around the whole problem having to supercool the components, but it’s amazing to think what might be possible in the future.

Just think of the roller coasters.

When you think of far-in-the future hard scifi, much technology is already in place and taken for granted. But to get to such far flung technology would have taken long development and many baby steps, and this sort of stuff strikes me as one of those baby steps.

Good golly.

Drones because we can?

Esquire on the interrogate vs. Drone issue.

This kind of picks up on the video that Kevin posted. Technology and it’s use. Here, it seems to be driving our decisions. This makes that case that we’re not targeting people with drones to avoid interrogating them, but that the technology is allowing us to target people we previously never would have bothered with.

“It’s not at all clear that we’d be sending our people into Yemen to capture the people we’re targeting. But it’s not at all clear that we’d be targeting them if the technology wasn’t so advanced. What’s happening is that we’re using the technology to target people we never would have bothered to capture.”

Morning Report 7/13/12

Vital Statistics:

  Last Change Percent
S&P Futures  1331.8 2.6 0.20%
Eurostoxx Index 2234.7 6.7 0.30%
Oil (WTI) 86.72 0.6 0.74%
LIBOR 0.455 0.000 0.00%
US Dollar Index (DXY) 83.66 -0.002 0.00%
10 Year Govt Bond Yield 1.48% 0.01%  
RPX Composite Real Estate Index 183.8 0.2  

Happy Friday the 13th.  Markets are slightly higher this morning on no real news. The Producer Price Index showed inflation is being contained.  Bonds and MBS are down slightly.

JP Morgan and Wells Fargo announced earnings this morning. JPM is going to restate Q1 earnings, and is laying the groundwork for claiming the huge prop loss was a rogue trader problem. Good luck with that one, Jamie. Wells announced a settlement with the regulators over redlining and announced it is exiting the wholesale mortgage business. Last one out, please shut off the lights.

Rep. David Schweikert weighs in on San Bernardino’s Eminent Domain proposal. He makes the point that whatever intrepid capital has waded back into the mortgage market will probably flee if the government starts seizing underwater mortgages.  No kidding. I am surprised President Obama has not seized upon this opportunity to establish his capitalist bona-fides. It could be his “Sister Soulja” moment.

Documents suggest that Tim Geithner was aware of the LIBOR-rigging scandal in 2007 and tried to do something about it. 

CoreLogic reported that 11.4 million homes were in negative equity in Q1, down from 12.1 million in Q411. Negative Equity and near-negative equity (< 5%) accounted for 29% of all residential properties with a mortgage.

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