Desolation Canyon

Final pictures of Desolation Canyon, UT and CO River.  It’s pretty quiet tonight so I figured I might as well put up the final group of pictures from Utah.  She only needed 3 weeks to finish up her research and so ended up on another trip down the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon once her three weeks were finished.  She spent a night between trips in Green River and then hopped on a small plane for a quick flight to catch up to a group that was already poised to put in the water.

This is her rowing the raft loaded for three weeks.  They all took turns and got to her research area in 1 1/2 days instead of the 3 it normally takes.

One of her buddies below.

Colorado River…………….view from the air.  Haze is smoke from various fires.

Exploring a canyon close to camp below China Doll Peak.

Hiking down from the peak.

Working their way to Lake Powell.

View from the peak.

5 Responses

  1. I’m going to take a little time off so I’ll see y’all when I see ya.


  2. That scenery is amazing.


  3. Geez, I really like that part of the country. Thanks for posting the pix.

    Guess it is time to start planning a return trip.


  4. I’m missing my years in Utah. Thanks to a business trip by my better half, I’ve a jar of the Red Iguana’s mole sauce in the freezer. It’s gonna be turkey mole come September.



  5. Thanx, Lulu.


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