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  1. Frist!

    Let the whining (or is it whinging?) begin!


  2. 3-6-3 club baby! Borrow money at 3%, lend it at 6%, be on the golf course by 3pm


  3. .001%!

    Teh Krugman, aaaavvvveeennngggeee mmmeee!!!


  4. from trade press:

    The White House on Thursday (April 17) suggested that during a meeting between President Barack Obama and insurance commissioners it put pressure on state insurance regulators to limit exchange plan premium increases for 2015, shortly before the president announced that 8 million people signed up for qualified health plans on the exchanges during 2014 open enrollment and the just-ended special enrollment period.

    North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm — following the meeting with the president, vice president, senior administration officials and other insurance regulators — said insurance commissioners take their rate review responsibility very seriously and will only approve rates that are actuarially justified. But he cautioned that while it is key for rates to be at a level that consumers can pay, rates “cannot be divorced” from the solvency of insurance companies.


  5. The key is to make it to 2016. Then it’s someone else’s problem.


    • I don’t understand why you are continuing to try to debate Obamacare. Obama declared the debate over (again) this week. You must be some kind of domestic terrorists or something.


  6. Your right. They shouldn’t employ ANY low skill Ohioans.

    Rep. Foley explained that his bill would have the added benefit of straightening out Walmart and other companies that employ large numbers of low-skill Ohioans.

    “I don’t trust Walmart. We subsidize all Walmart workers and Target workers to a huge degree now,” Foley said. “I think it’s bullshit, and I’m sick of that.”

    These retards were voted into office. That’s why we’re fucked.

    Rep. Foley said that with a minimum wage increase to $10.10, poor Ohioans would “be able to buy an extra Lotto ticket,” which is “what this is about.”


    Lotto tickets.

    What. This. Is. About.


  7. Heh.


  8. I know it’s a little premature but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter, at least those of you who do some sort of celebration. We’re having a busy one this year!

    Our son accepted a job in CO and so he is moving the family before May 15th. He’ll only be about an hour away from our daughter in Golden so she’s really looking forward to having family around again. Anyway, I’m picking the kids up from their great grandmother’s house tomorrow about noon and they’re coming here to color eggs, have hamburgers and spend the night. We’ll have the traditional Easter egg hunt in the morning since our grandson is only 8 and then deliver them around noon to their other grandparent’s house for an early Easter dinner.

    My son and his wife are packing, cleaning and getting rid of shit this weekend. 😉

    I’m really sad to see our grandkids move so far away but I guess I’ll be racking up the frequent flyer miles.

    Anyway, if you’re seeing family this weekend…..please enjoy it…..you never know when things might change.

    Happy Easter!


  9. Thanks to jnc I’ve gotten onto a Roman history kick this last year or so, and right now I’m reading Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome series. It is both hilarious and frightening how similar the politics sound!


    • I, Claudius is a very good Roman historical novel. The sequel is good but not quite as good IMO. Often forgotten today.


  10. Hitting the road with Rosanne early Easter morn for Durham and a visit with my sis and her family.

    Nashville overnight Sunday night.

    While in Durham we plan to buy some investment real estate.


    • Mark:

      Hitting the road with Rosanne early Easter morn for Durham and a visit with my sis and her family.

      Missed you by a week. Was there on Monday and Tuesday.


  11. One man’s Domestic Terrorist is another man’s Revolutionary.

    Dyslexics Untie!


    • That Harry Reid can remain in the Senate let alone without official censure shows the low state into which the country has fallen. We truly are screwed.


  12. Sparkling writing.

    And while we can laugh away the cow-eyed vacancy of Mr. Weinstein, the desire to criminalize political disagreement extends well beyond his orbit. It was revealed this week that Lois Lerner and her squadron of flying monkeys at the IRS not only targeted conservative groups for harassment and suppression but that the IRS and the woefully misnamed Justice Department were trying to trump up criminal prosecutions against those groups as well, i.e. finding a pretext to literally imprison people as a response to their political activism.


    Worth reading the rest just for another “cow-eyed vacancy”, no?


    • McWing:

      Sparkling writing.

      I think I have said it here before, but Williamson has become the star of NR as far as I am concerned.


  13. obama declares the debate on obamacare is over. kind of rich coming from a guy who wants to re-litigate the first and second amendments.


  14. qb:

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll put I, Claudius on the list.


  15. Oh, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate, Happy Passover to others, and may the FSM be with each of you!


  16. Happy Easter Lms and everyone else. Happy Passover to Mark.

    Michi, Seutonius’ The Twelve Ceasars is good as well as Josephus writing, at least to get a flavor of Roman control of the Holy Land.

    I also like Eusubious though he wrote on the early church. Interesting view of power and religion from a Constantine appointee.


  17. All those are good as well, but as McCullough goes through the fall of the Republic, it’s usefull to read her stuff first as a set up to the imperial period.

    My biggest regret with her work is that she didn’t start a generation earlier with the Gracci, which I consider to be probably one of the most dramatic stories in Roman history.

    Another good historical novel is The Antagonists by Ernest K. Gann about the siege of Masada, which was also made into the 1981 miniseries starring Peter O’Toole.


  18. I thought it was Peter Weller? Or is it *and* Peter Weller?


    • BTW…went to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden last night. He still does a great show. And he is basically in residence at MSG, doing a show a month indefinitely, as long as he can keep selling the place out. So I’m guessing “indefinitely” will end up meaning “until he drops dead”. If you find yourself in NYC, I highly recommend it.


  19. My biggest regret with her work is that she didn’t start a generation earlier with the Gracci, which I consider to be probably one of the most dramatic stories in Roman history.

    On that I’d have to agree. She does a great job of creating a storyline that’s close enough to actual history to be useful while novelizing it enough to hold your interest through all of the different iterations of Quintus Caecilius Metellus and Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus.

    I’m almost ready to tackle The Gracchi now.

    Adding yours to the list, McWing!

    EDIT: Plus, in Coleen McCullough’s books you learn some Latin obscenities/vulgarisms. Always fun to be able to call people obscene names in Latin!


    • I have always meant to read the McCullough series. Now I guess I have to. And I will have to try to remember the other good fiction I’ve read.


  20. Michi, aka Piggle Wiggle.

    Troll – It was Peter O’Toole & Peter Strauss.



  21. Ha!

    How does Wednesday look, jnc?


  22. Damn, I was picturing Strauss and writing Weller. I have Sons of Anarchy on the brain.


  23. OK, this made me crack up:


  24. The Obamacare dead-enders say it is all private insurance. The exchanges are just “markets” they created where people can buy privately offered policies.

    But Obama tells us that repealing his monstrosity would mean millions losing insurance.

    They depend on voter stupidity.


  25. They depend on voter stupidity.

    Yes, and both sides do it.


  26. Happy Sunday/Easter/Passover/National Look Alike Day to all!


  27. OMG, our grandkids just left to go to their other grandparent’s house and I ate 3 Peeps. I never eat that kind of crap. LOL


  28. I hear they’re fun to microwave. . .


  29. Lol, one year we saved them for a year and ate them the following Easter. Hard and yummy! I feel sort of sick right now. Getting ready for round two of Easter. Cooking dinner for our oldest daughter, boyfriend and his mother, who is a very interesting person ;).

    Enjoy your day Michi!


    • McWing:

      Choke. On. It.

      A good example of the way media outlets like the NYT adopt and promote D talking points in what is an ostensibly objective news article.

      Many of those helped by the health care law — notably young people and minorities — are the least likely to cast votes that could preserve it, even though millions have gained health insurance and millions more will benefit from some of its popular provisions.

      In fact it is young people who notably harmed, not helped, by the law, given that they are the ones having to pay higher premiums than their risk profile suggests they should, in order to subsidize older and sicker people who pay less than their risk profile would call for. And whether or not “millions” have benefited or will benefit from the law is a wholly subjective point of view, not a fact as presented in the article.

      It’s hard to believe that there are some people who still view the NYT as a respectable and objective source of political news. They barely even keep up even the pretense of objectivity any more.


  30. Is love to know what someone who thinks the NYT or WaPo are objective thinks is a leftist publication. And what source is just to far left.


    • Troll, you were at PL long enough to know: there is no Left in America.

      Those NYT liberals are flummoxed by the apparent failure this time around of their usual strategy of enacting big, destructive programs of redistribution and trusting that the recipients of tangible benefits will be more conscious and more protective of their largesse than all those paying for it will be conscious of the fact that they are being screwed. How tragic. When the envy machine breaks down, preventing the noble Democrats from buying votes with other people’s money, it really shows how dysfunctional our politics have come, doesn’t it?


  31. That implies there was functionality, I posit that since at least the imposition of the income tax that concept of what constitutes functionality of government changed. Prior to that it was severely hamstrung by financing. After, it’s constraint was undone and it’s rise inevitable.


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