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    • While I understand that both your post title and the invitation to homophobes are jokes, I think they are outside the spirit of the endeavor, George. I don’t know if Scott, Kevin, LMS, and I are moderators or not, and I do not know if they agree with me. If we are, and if they agree, at some point today I will change the title and the invitation.

      Even as a joke that I understand in the light of recent exchanges I will not contribute commentary to a post for bigots.

      I would propose changing the title to “Open Thread 7/8/14” and the invitation to “All comments welcome until they are not.”


      • mark:

        I don’t know if Scott, Kevin, LMS, and I are moderators or not, and I do not know if they agree with me. If we are, and if they agree, at some point today I will change the title and the invitation.

        I am indifferent to whether it is changed or not. If you are bothered by it, then out of comity I will support changing it. But I will say that if sarcastically embracing the characterizations that some here ascribe, both implicitly and explicitly, to others of us, is out of bounds, then surely the original characterizations are equally out of bounds, and if you are going to call out McWing for his sarcasm, you should call out the original offenders too. In fact first, I would think.


  1. Change away if it’s uncomfortable for you.

    The phrases are completely meaningless today. I wallow in bigotry, misogyny and homophobia. It oozes from every word I write. I do understand if some here think these words carry any weight that must be avoided.

    For Scott.



  2. Scott, my objections to trading personal insults are pretty well documented here, I think, and I have asked others to disengage privately. But we have drawn a line in the past between personal insults to each other, and insulting politicians, which is actually encouraged, I think. We aren’t here to merely praise them!

    The title to this post could be misperceived by driveby readers as an actual invitation to
    folks who really are bigots and homophobes to drop in. That would be an unpleasant result, for me. George, thanks for your permission, and Scott, thanks for yours as well.

    I don’t think I ever called out George for his sarcasm in comments, btw. George, I haven’t done that, right? Even in our heated conversations about abortion related issues I do not believe I have ever questioned either the motives of those here or their sincerity or character.

    I will wait and see if KW thinks I am being overly sensitive about the distinction between a sarcastic comment and a post title we know is sarcastic but which may not appear so to a drive by.


    • mark:

      The title to this post could be misperceived by driveby readers as an actual invitation to folks who really are bigots and homophobes to drop in.

      Fair enough.


  3. I don’t recall you doing so Mark.


    • I have posted a semi-famous anonymous Texas summer quotation to replace Independence Day.

      If anyone thinks it is unsuitable I will replace it with something more hortatory.


  4. I changed it. No harm, no foul. suggest we move on.


  5. GOP convention to be in Cleveland.


  6. What kind of blackmail stuff do these guys have?


    • It all elicits fond memories of when someone invited mcurtis, who promptly compared me to holocaust deniers and “real racists,” then all my good liberal friends took great umbrage that I objected and said I would delete such comments in the future. Then the kook denied what he meant, in the face of the obvious. That was when I really knew what a fraud all the liberal commitment to discourse was, even at ATiM. Misty water color memories.


  7. At the PL, I just suggested taking control of Mexican Federal Highway 185 to solve the border problem.

    and looking at a map, i don’t see how i’m wrong.

    call it a humanitarian mission. landings at Coatzacoalcos and Salina Cruz. secure the roughly 200 mile highway and set up checkpoints.


  8. Stop remittances to Mexico and Central America.


    Or, my preferred method, immediately grant them citizenship.


    • Grant all of Mexico and Central America citizenship? That would be bold. Sounds more like annexation. But usually the strategy doesn’t involve annexing slums.


  9. My favorite fake Salon twitter account tweet


  10. No QB, I’m saying that if you get here, you get citizenship. It takes money and gumption to get here.

    We really, really need gumption here.


  11. Though allowing Central American 3rd worlders to stay here is probably the main reason their home country is still 3rd world.


  12. Just turn it into a reality show competition with citizenship as the prize.


    • Maybe we should offer to take in the Brazilian soccer team. I think they may get exiled after this performance.

      Germany up 5-0 after just 30 minutes.


  13. You mock but when has immigration proven bad?


  14. This s bullshit cause I’ve been told, a lot, that there were no WMD’s in Iraq prior to US invasion.


    You’d think the terrorists would know that.


  15. Hells Yeah!

    Fast track to cut the stock market in half…. Think it is even money obama would go for it. I am certain Elizabeth Warren would..


  16. Now we can confirm that the only reason Cochran ran again was so that Strickland, hell, Barbour can name his replacement in two years.



  17. Boo fucking hoo.

    Their role is to be stenographers, at least as long as a democrat is in the house. Why so they care about obama’s secrecy? Idle curiosity?


  18. FYI — not sure what happened, but i’ was blocked from ATIM yesterday — some sort of malware warning.


  19. making the rounds this morning.

    firm screens your employees for Medicaid eligibility. provided you offer coverage that thely decline for Medicaid, you’re within the law.

    don’t have to pay for coverage or the fine.

    from trade press:
    “Knowing that an employee is on Medicaid could also help if companies are required to auto-enroll employees, he says, because employers would be able to tell those workers that they can opt-out instead of potentially having a large portion of their paycheck taken for coverage that they do not need. (The health law requires employers with 200 or more workers to auto-enroll employees, however the provision has yet to be implemented and some business groups are lobbying for its repeal.)”



  20. WP is acting funny. Every time I try to put up a new post, I get this beep beep boop screen.

    Haven’t been able to post since last week


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