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Mutiple Choice:

Sex is:

1] good.

2] sinful.

3] morally relative depending on the circumstances.

4] all of the above.

5] none of the above.

24 Responses

  1. Giggle.


    Tee hee.


  2. Cue the jealous butthurt.


  3. This kind of blogging will make you go blind, they say, TMW.

    Re Scott’s Disney link: it doesn’t take you long at Disneyworld to notice that there is rampant abuse or two classes of citizenship, as you watch all sorts of people with no apparent disability cut through.


  4. Go figure, people don’t buy stuff they don’t want.

    Thank God we fucked up the entire health insurance industry.


  5. Thank God we fucked up the entire health insurance industry.

    That was Step 1 in the plan. Mission Accomplished. Step 2 is more cowbell. You know, no choice now but to go all the way.


  6. Sex is a biological compulsion. How we deal with it is pretty much the basis of all society.

    I got my annual physical report back and other than my prostate never feeling finer, the two items noted from the blood test were that my “bad” cholesterol was high (108 out of 177 total cholesterol) and that my testosterone was low. That may explains so much.


  7. Dave Barry on the loss of masculinity:

    What really bothers me is that, like many modern American men, I don’t know how to do anything manly anymore. And by “manly,” I do not mean “physical.” A lot of us do physical things, but these are yuppie fitness things like “spinning,” and “crunches,” and working on our “core,” and running half-marathons and then putting “13.1” stickers on our hybrid cars so everybody will know what total cardiovascular badasses we are.

    That’s not manly. I’ll tell you who was manly: The early American pioneers. They set out into the vast untracked wilderness with nothing but a musket and a sack of hardtack and hominy, and they had to survive out there for months, even years, completely on their own, sleeping on the ground in bear-infested forests. That’s why they brought the hardtack: to throw at the bears.


  8. I miss football.

    How long until the season starts??


    • Spring practice is already here. Sparty’s Spring Game is 4-26 at 2 PM in East Lansing. The Orange and White Game is a week earlier in Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium. It will be televised on the Longhorn Network, which is now carried by ATT, Verizon, TWC, and Dish, but not DirecTV.

      Then comes summer 7 on 7s. Playing other teams begins at the end of August.

      Do Maryland and Rutgers have BiG schedules in the Fall? Yes. Maryland plays Sparty 11-15. Rutgers gets pounded by Sparty a week later.

      Syracuse opens its preseason with a Spring game 4-12. Then it faces its first ACC season. FSU at home 10-11 should measure Syracuse, I would guess.

      YJ’s Spring game is 4-18. No GT v. Syr. game this year unless it is in the ACC championship.


    • Meanwhile, we are approaching March Madness. If Adreian Payne is healthy, my underdog pick to go the distance would be Sparty. Florida, Syracuse, Wichita State, Duke, Kansas, Arizona, even Villanova might put on a run to the title. Texas’ young team over achieved this year and probably will make it to the second round, but not to the Sweet Sixteen. No team is good enough to be an odds on favorite.

      The toughest conferences top to bottom were the Big 12 followed closely by the BiG. But the ACC had the two toughest teams at the top. Still, if, say, 7 Big 12 and 7 BiGs are invited that would sort of stack the field.

      Used to be the Big East was often toughest top to bottom and would get large numbers into the field. Alas! Big East is a dim memory of years gone by.


      • Mark:

        Florida, Syracuse, Wichita State, Duke, Kansas, Arizona, even Villanova might put on a run to the title.

        I’d love for this not to be the case, but take it from someone who has watched every game this year: Syracuse will be lucky to get out of the second round. They beat Florida State today 74-58 and this was the first time since Feb 1 (when they beat Duke 91-89 in OT) that they scored more than 62 points. They have struggled to score pretty much all season, regularly going for stretches of 6 or 8 minutes without a bucket. When they were 25-0, I told a colleague that they may be the first 25-0 team to finish the season with 5 losses. I missed by one game.

        If you think they’ve just gone through a recent slump and may be pulling out with today’s blowout, consider:

        In the 4th game of the season They were losing 50-46 with 3 minutes to go against, er, powerhouse St. Francis of Brooklyn. It took a 10-0 run in the final minutes to get a 56-50 victory.

        In their first ACC game against a very mediocre Miami team, they scored just 49 points, but still managed to win 49-44.

        Against a dreadful Boston College they were down 1 with about 6 minutes to go. BC fell apart down the stretch and couldn’t score, allowing the Orange to win by 10.

        Against Miami the second time, it was a 3 point game with 2:30 left to go, and only the fact that they atypically made all their free throws down the stretch allowed them to pull away.

        They beat ND by six at home, but only on the strength of Trevor Cooney’s 9/12 from behind the arc. Not one other player on Syracuse got into double digits. And Cooney hasn’t shot better than 35% in any game since then.

        All of those games came before they lost their first game. And they finished the season 2-4 in their final 6 games.

        If you watched the first Duke game, which Syracuse won in OT, you saw by far their finest offensive performance of the year. But don’t be fooled….these are their offensive ranks on the season. Points per game – 255th. Rebounds per game – 168th. Assists per game – 220th. FG percentage – 196th. As a diehard Syracuse fan I hate to say it, but there is no way a team with those kinds of numbers can win 6 straight in the tournament.


        • Agreed. I was going on my impression from the first Duke game as well as the general effectiveness of Boeheim’s zone.


        • Mark:

          I was going on my impression from the first Duke game as well as the general effectiveness of Boeheim’s zone.

          That zone is very good indeed, and bailed out the offense several times this year. It could get them through a couple rounds. But eventually they will run into someone who is hot from outside the arc, and they won’t be able to keep up, especially the deeper into the tournament they go.

          I think it’ll be interesting to see how Witchita does. Reminds me a bit of 1979 when Bird’s Indiana State went undefeated but got no respect because of their weak conference.


        • BTW, Mark, speaking of the old Big East, next Sunday following the bracket presentation ESPN will be premiering its latest 30 for 30: Requiem for the Big East.


  9. Have I ever mentioned that I loathe DST?


  10. If sex were without context or qualification sinful, we would be in a real bind.

    Yello, I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over the cholesterol level. I think that is mainly another Big Gov/Big Medicine piece of mythology. Beyond a certain age, I doubt there’s any man with “enough” testosterone. Just embrace your decline.


  11. I think that is mainly another Big Gov/Big Medicine piece of mythology.

    It’s my observation that the level of ‘normal’ for testable things such as cholesterol and blood sugar are right below where drugs exist to treat it. Diabetes in particular is a diagnosis that skyrocketed the minute it could be treated with oral pharmaceuticals.

    The whole cholesterol thing is a little goofy since they raise the alarms if total cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol or (and this is the one that gets to me) LDL to HDL ration get out of whack. There’s just finding excuses to get you on a treatment plan.

    As for testosterone, I don’t know what I’d do with any more than what I already have. Some might argue I’m letting what I have go to waste.


  12. I’ve always been told that in Texas, there are only two seasons, Football and Spring Football. I happened to be passing through Penn State one weekend when it was the Spring inter-squad game for which the stadium was nearly filled. That is just too serious a level of fandom to contemplate.


  13. “There’s just finding excuses to get you on a treatment plan.”

    I just told my doctor no. I don’t recall the exact numbers, but mine is high. I said that at 35, there is no reason to mess with an otherwise healthy liver more than what I do with alcohol for an indefinite period of time. So statins are out, I take plant stentols when I remember, and agreed to cut down from “all your bacon and eggs” to some. and I added oatmeal and picked fish into the breakfast rotation. not at the same time.


  14. I think the whole effort to blame heart disease and other ailments on cholesterol and animal fat intake has been exposed as 90% fraud. Grains are far worse for you. Wheat is the worst. Oatmeal has an astronomical glycemic index. I have a pretty good diet these days and have not felt as good in 20 years, but it is mainly based around substantially eliminating wheat and modern grains and processed food. The government crusade against butter in favor of partially hydrogenated fat (poison) and against whole milk in favor of factory sterilized skim has been shown to have been completely wrong. Just more harm done to us by our nanny government based on “studies” that were garbage, and largely funded by Big Grain.


  15. ” eliminating wheat and modern grains and processed food.”

    seems everyone I know is doing this.


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