Blizzard Saturday Open Thread 1/23/16

Starting to snow and blow pretty hard here in the northeast.  Not too much on the ground yet, but it is coming down.  Feel free to add any pictures if you want.





This was the back deck at 8 am.


This is the back deck at 4pm.


Only 10 inches at 6:15.  Looks like the mid-Atlantic got it worse.  See yello’s photos below.


My (yellokt) photos:


My dog Sushi loves running through the snow.


And chasing snow plows.


We had about ten plows come down our road in about a half hour. We must be on a route.


No telling there is a sidewalk under there. Judging from shoveling half my driveway, we had about 18 inches overnight and it is still falling.

Michi’s pics

From left to right, Snowzilla at 1000, 1600, and my (covered) front porch at 1600

The Morning After: I couldn’t open the screen door to take a picture any more. My street–at least the plow had been through! I was the first person out there. The view of the front of my house and my car before I started digging.

24 Responses

  1. Frist! I added my photos to the post because that seemed easier than embedding them in the comments.

    I shoveled the top half of my driveway just to get a head start. I figure I got two days to this so I might as well pace myself,


  2. I’ve got close to 18″ now–which is up from the 12″ that I measured at 8:00 this morning. It really kicked up around 11:00 here, and the winds have been steadily increasing. Flocks of birds are sheltering on my back porch, and my front porch is covered with drifts. So this is what a Nor’easter looks like!


  3. Oh wow………no wonder so many travel plans went awry!!!! Stay safe and warm everyone!


  4. I have a 4:45 flight to San Diego tomorrow afternoon… Hope I make it..


    • Sounds like it might be a little dicey Brent. Someone out here from the East Coast was being interviewed on the news last night and said he was told he wouldn’t make it home until Tuesday.

      Good luck……….at least the weather here will cooperate! Although it’s a pretty gloomy weekend so far………..yuck!

      I’m ready for summer already and I live in CA! LOL


  5. BTW, the pics are all beautiful and a cute little pooch to boot. I got my dose of snow this year in CO on Christmas day and that was just enough to last me until next year!


  6. I know that I speak for George as well when I say that we Texans wish that y’all stay warm and dry.

    The photos are beautiful, but chilling, perhaps even frightening.

    When our youngest daughter, now a pharmacist, was looking for the right college for chemical engineering or chemistry one that came up was Northwestern. Their brochure unfortunately had a centerfold of bundled students in face masks leaning into a driving snow on their way to class.

    Her final three choices were GaTech, UCLA, and Texas.

    Our twin granddaughters turned 7 today. I will show them the pics – their favorite aunt lives in Larchmont.


  7. A couple of new photos up. Looks like Mid-Atlantic/Jersey got it the worst.


  8. About 20 or so in fairfax. Snowblower has made me a popular guy.


  9. Go Broncos!!!!!……………how’s everyone in the path of the “blizzard” doing?


    • Go Broncos is right!

      All good in the northeast. No real problems north of NYC.


      • Yippee………we agree on something and it was a pretty good game……….Denver handled Brady……..I bet he’s stiff and sore this morning!


        • Denver D was really good. Great job on Brady. I think Belichick actually cost Patriots the game. I have no idea why he didn’t kick a FG on 4th and whatever it was inside the 20 with 4 mins to go. The Pats defense had been stopping Manning and he was definitely going to get the ball back again. (He ended up getting it back twice!) Kick the FG and then a TD wins the game, rather than needing both a TD and a 2 pt conversion just to tie.


      • We thought he blew it too………but since I wanted the Broncos to win, I was happy with it…..LOL

        It was a fun game to watch, especially at the end!

        They’ll have their hands full with the Panthers though…..


        • Yeah….I think the Denver D may be able to hold Newton in check, but not sure Manning is up to putting many points on the board against the Panther D. Especially if the Denver running game is as pathetic as it was most of the day yesterday. You know things aren’t going well when Peyton has the longest run of the game (until late in the game anyway).


  10. I added some pictures. I’m almost completely dug out in front now–I haven’t even thought about starting in the back yet!


  11. Has anyone heard from jnc? I know Richmond was getting hammered even before it got here.


  12. We were supposed to get a Memphis blizzard (5-8 inches! Run to the stores! Stock up on everything!), and instead we got about .25 inch of snow. Everything closed preemptively, so I got Frirday off. That was good. Now it’s in the 40s, all the snow (of which there was very little) is gone. As usually, further east (Nashville) got our predicted snowpocalypse.


  13. I’m here. Just got out of the house for the first time since Friday. Things are mostly fine and I’ve spent most of the weekend cooking for myself, the roommate and his girlfriend who stayed over with her springer spaniel. Managing the interactions between the dog and the outdoor cat who had to stay indoors during the storm was tiring.

    Roads in my neighborhood still aren’t plowed.


  14. I went out this morning to make a quick run to the grocery store and to tour around the neighborhood to see how things are in general. There are still streets in my neighborhood that haven’t seen a plow, and mine is still only the one plow-pass wide (although almost everybody is dug out now. The two-lane roads are about a lane and a half, and more than two-lane ones are one lane in each direction. It’s going to be a challenge to get rid of all of that snow.

    I heard last night that they’re moving it to parking lots around the Ravens’ stadium (and, in DC, RFK stadium). That seems pretty clever to me, but I was informed of all of the ecological disasters that’s going to cause by the folks on PL last night. They’re still not convinced that I’m really a liberal. 😀


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