Blizzard Saturday Open Thread 1/23/16

Starting to snow and blow pretty hard here in the northeast.  Not too much on the ground yet, but it is coming down.  Feel free to add any pictures if you want.





This was the back deck at 8 am.


This is the back deck at 4pm.


Only 10 inches at 6:15.  Looks like the mid-Atlantic got it worse.  See yello’s photos below.


My (yellokt) photos:


My dog Sushi loves running through the snow.


And chasing snow plows.


We had about ten plows come down our road in about a half hour. We must be on a route.


No telling there is a sidewalk under there. Judging from shoveling half my driveway, we had about 18 inches overnight and it is still falling.

Michi’s pics

From left to right, Snowzilla at 1000, 1600, and my (covered) front porch at 1600

The Morning After: I couldn’t open the screen door to take a picture any more. My street–at least the plow had been through! I was the first person out there. The view of the front of my house and my car before I started digging.

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