Windows 10 is Here 7/29/15


Yes, it is out 3 days before my retirement.  After which, of course, I will never need it again.


No matter whether MS “got it right” this time.  I write this on a laptop I loaded with Ubuntu (Linux) only and do not intend to be captive to an operating system monopoly ever again, once I do not require legal software apps that only run on MSW.


For those of you who must continue to use it, I hope it is all it’s cracked up to be.

4 Responses

  1. You lawyers take your software seriously!

    Or is it an Austin/High-Tech thing?

    Are you a hipster as well?

    Oh shit….you’re not Bernie Latham are you?????


    • George, not Bernie here – actually, lawyers do become software dependent.

      It is a blessing, of course, except WHEN IT ISN’T. Like every time we had to upgrade Windows. Or whenever we had a deadline and a BSOD [blue screen of death] on the computer that happened to be working on the deadline material.

      I early on kept our server on linux to avoid bugginess. In ’92, I built a few computers from scratch and learned DOS, rather than continue to pay a tech $1000 per day every time some glitch came up. Got to the point where I could handle 9 of ten glitches.

      From what I have seen around Austin, my experience was pretty common in law firms, especially keeping the server on linux, as both a security and stability move. I’ll bet JNC has some tales about this.


  2. Not a Microsoft early-adopter. Learned that lesson a long time ago..


  3. We are on Windows 7 Professional for the local OS for some laptops, but mostly use thin clients (Dell, formerly WYSE WinTerms) to access terminal servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 that host the applications. The advantages of an OS desktop that can be accessed independently of a specific device are considerable.

    Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and any later Microsoft OS are unusable for business purposes in my opinion along with all of Microsoft’s cloud offerings. I figure we have five years left on our current architecture before we are forced to change to something else.

    Anyone who wants to go to the cloud is going to Google or Amazon. Microsoft is destroying their existing business model while chasing a buzzword (cloud) and trying to make their phones & tablets run the same OS as their desktop. I don’t see how they survive in the long term.


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