Saturday Football Open Thread, Week 11

Busy morning here, so I’m going to miss the first kickoffs, but here’s what’s up:

Early games: On Thursday Oklahoma lost to Baylor 12 – 41 (ouch, okie!) and Stanford managed to crush the Ducks 26 – 20 (the closeness of the score reflects a fabulous fourth quarter by Oregon, rather than a close game), while LA-Lafayette beat Troy 41 – 36.

Today’s games:

Penn State is at UMinn in Big Ten action (line: UM, spread 1.5)(Noon EST/ESPN2) UPDATE: UMinn wins 24 – 10.

Syracuse is playing at UMaryland, so we’re going to get to see the worst uniforms on the east coast again (seriously, who designed UMd’s uniforms?) (line: UMd, spread 3.5). UPDATE: Syracuse wins 20 – 3.

Nebraska is in the Big House (line: UM, spread 6.5)(3:30 pm EST/ABC) so Paul and I can duke it out. Go, Blue! I can feel magnanimous after last week. UPDATE: Nebraska beats the odds and the Wolverines 17 – 13.

Boston College is playing at New Mexico State (line: BC, spread 24 [!!]). Go, Eagles! UPDATE: BC wins 48 – 34.

BYU is traveling to Wisconsin (line: UW, spread 7)(3:30 pm EST/ESPN) Trounce ’em, Badgers! UPDATE: Wisconsin wins handily 27 – 17.

ASU is playing Utah (line: ASU, spread 7), where hopefully the Utes will freeze their tuchesses off. UPDATE: Utah blows a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter and loses 20 – 19.

Texas is playing a late game at West Virginia (line: UT, spread 8)(7:00 pm EST/FOX). Hook ’em, ‘Horns! UPDATE: Texas wins in overtime, 47 – 40.

Notre Dame is at Pitt (line: ND, spread 3.5)(8:00 pm EST/ABC). Go, Mrs NoVA’s alma mater! UPDATE: Pitt avenges last year’s triple OT loss by beating The Irish 28 – 21.

UCLA travels to visit Arizona (line: UCLA, spread 2.5)(8:00 pm EST/ESPN). Go, Wildcats! This could be a really good game. UPDATE: Arizona looked like they were going to come back, but UCLA wins 31 – 26.

Georgia Tech, USF and MSU have the weekend off.

What else?

8 Responses

  1. Just finally sat down to catch the Nebraska game (probably the Michigan game around here). Naturally, Michigan tied it up.



  2. Arizona can be formidable at home.

    Thanks Michi.


  3. De nada, McWing.

    May I still call you McWing?


  4. Hmmm. Maybe you’d prefer “Carl”?


  5. Now you can call me Ray, or you can call me J, or you can call me Johnny, or you can call me Sonny, or you can call me Junie, or you can call me Junior; now you can call me Ray J, or you can call me RJ, or you can call me RJJ, or you can call me RJJ Jr.” ultimately ending with, “but you doesn’t hasta call me Troll!”


  6. We seriously need a “like” button on this site. Bravo, Paul, bravo!


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