Saturday Football Open Thread, Week Five

Another crisp fall morning here in SLC–it’s only 54 outside right now (7:40 a.m. MDT) but it’s supposed to get up to 82 for the high today.  Life, elevated!  How’s the football looking?  Well, Stanford lost to UW in Husky Stadium Thursday night 17 – 13, which if you have to lose is at least a pretty place to do it (you should see the views of Lake Washington and the Cascades from the stadium).  BYU slaughtered Hawaii last night 47 – 0 in Provo; I didn’t watch either game as I was having dinner with friends on Thursday and busy with other stuff last night, so if anyone has any great insights into the games feel free to share.

Today’s games:

Mid Tennessee is at Georgia Tech, which must be yet another of those pre-ACC let’s-make-some-money-for-the-little-guy match ups.  (line: GT, spread 28).  Anything to note, yello? [Update: Wow!!  Mid Tennessee takes it 49 – 28!  Next week, yello. . .]

Penn State is playing at Illinois (line: PSU, spread 4).  Should be a good, classic Big Ten game.  Go Nittany Lions! [Update: PSU 35 – 7 as Illinois couldn’t convert a goal line stand as time ran out.]

Minnesota is at Iowa (line: UM, spread 6).  More classic (and by that I mean “three yards and a cloud of dust” plays) Big Ten ball.  Go, Golden Gophers! [Update: Iowa wins 31 – 13]

Clemson is playing Boston College (line: Clemson, spread 7).  Games are tightening up this week as we move into conference play. . . go, Eagles!  [Update: Clemson 45 – 31]

osu is going to lose to MSU, I just know it (line: MSU, spread 3).  You know where I’ll be at 11:30 1:30 MDT (stupid time zones!).  Game is on ABC.  GO SPARTANS!!!!!!  [Update:  damn.  osu 17 – 16]

Florida State is at USF (line: FSU, spread 17.0)  C’mon, Bulls, win this!  [Update:  FSU 30 – 17]

Texas is playing the other OSU (line: UT, spread 3.0)  Mark and okie, y’all be nice to each other, now.  Or at least polite!  (FOX at 7:50 p.m. EDT)  [Update: Texas wins 41 – 36 in the last minute.  OSU’s last possession was one of the wildest and wooliest I’ve seen in a long time–a nail-biter of a game!]

Wisconsin is at Nebraska, that Big Ten upstart (line: Nebraska, spread 11.5)  Another intra-ATiM game; I’ll leave Brent and Fairlington Blade to duke it out.  [Update: Nebraska wins 30 – 27 when UW fumbles on a 4th and 1 with 1:11 remaining.  Another nail-biter (the football’s getting much better now that we’re into the “real” games!!]

And, finally, Oregon State plays Arizona (line: Arizona, spread 3.0)  You’ve got another chance to prove McWing wrong here, ‘Cats!  Beat those Beavers!  [Update:  OSU wins 38 – 35–I lost track of how many times the lead changed hands in the 4th quarter.  Excellent game!]

Off this week are USC (vs Utah next week), Syracuse (Pitt), Michigan (Purdue) and Oklahoma (Texas Tech).

18 Responses

  1. GT has lost two games this season in overtime. They are definitely underperforming.


  2. Sorry, yello! Two tough games in a row. . .


  3. OK, everybody saddle up for osu – MSU, and get out those green and white pom poms!!


  4. I didn’t watch the game, Mark, other than snippets that they broke into the PSU – Illinois game to show, but I was watching the score mount on espn’s site. Wow!!


  5. Yes, they have, Mark. And that pains me because their head strength and conditioning coach is a dear friend of mine. The school decided to keep the entire coaching team in place through the bowl games and then make a decision about what to do; I have to think that none of them will have a job come mid-January or so.


    • It’s hard to watch a bunch of young guys, who should be enjoying themselves, so completely down and irritated with the whole game. That S&C coach had done a fine job – see last year’s team – but strong dispirited 20 year olds don’t handle themselves as a team in adversity. I am sure your friend will land in a better place, or stay there after the changing of the guard and appear to have done wonders.

      R and I are going to see Trouble With the Curve tonight and I will be recording UT v. Okie Lite for late viewing. At that point, I will not be checking in, hoping to avoid the spoiler. I don’t think it will be 70-63, but 45-35 would not surprise me. The over under on Baylor v. WV was 82. The over was virtually a sure thing and I knew it, but I never bet sporting events in any serious way. Betting on 20 YOs is actually dumber than betting on 3 YO horses, in any but the most casual and friendly milieus.

      I have not forgot your package[s] and I hope to get around to it [them] Monday.


  6. Just be careful if you end up with an empty seat next to you, Mark. . . 🙂

    I think all of the coaches will move on. They were pretty devastated by the Petrino thing–they had all gone to Arkansas specifically for him. My bud’s got a good rep, so I think he’ll be fine–he may get out of coaching for a few years, though, until his boys (7 and 10) get a little older; they like the school system there in Fayetteville.


    • I think Spartans will prevail. TD!

      Edit: Do you think Rosanne won’t like the movie? She liked the previews. Have you seen it?


  7. No, no–I was making a lame joke about Clint’s empty chair routine at the RNC. I’m betting the movie’s fantastic.

    C’mon, Spartans! Four point game. . .


  8. damn. . .


  9. Mike:

    The Rays won, too, so at least two of your teams came through for you today!


  10. Sorry, yello! Two tough games in a row. .

    That game was humiliating and I can’t be blamed for it since I didn’t even see it.


  11. yello:

    Good move on your part. I watched the whole sad thing with MSU. . . .


    • I wish Spartans had held on.

      GA and TN scored more points than UT and Okie Lite.

      Okie, our conference has 9 tough teams to beat and Kansas, who will whip the rest of us on the wooden floor. But at this point, the only elite team in the Big 12 is K.St. Texas has so many sophs and freshman that it is a team of the future. Okie Lite may be in a similar position. If they mature fast enough the future could be in November.


  12. Nebraska looks to be headed for another 8 – 3 (or maybe 7 – 4) season. Whee….

    I’m looking forward to watching Looper soon.



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