Football Saturday Open Thread, Week 2

Here we are again, time for weekend chores, BBQ, and college football.  First up, Utah was stunned by Utah State 27-20 (OT) last night in Romney Stadium (!) in Logan.  Inauspicious start to the season for the Utes.  What do we have going on today of interest to ATiM-ers. . .

New Hampshire is at Minnesota (New Hampshire has a football team??)  Can’t find a line on this game, but I’m guessing that the Golden Gophers are favored to win (of course, I would have guessed that about Utah, too).  [Update:  And Minnesota wins in a blowout, 44 – 7]

UCF is at ohio state university (line: osu, spread 19)  Go, Knights!  [Update: osu wins it 31 – 16.  There’s always next week. . .]

Penn State is at Virginia (line: Virginia, spread 6.5)  [Update: Virginia wins it in the last minute 17 – 16]

Maine is at Boston College (No line is available–anyone know why this would be?)  [Update:  BC also wins in a blowout, 34 – 3]

Purdue is at Notre Dame (line: Notre Dame, spread 14)  [Update:  Notre Dame wins it with a field goal with 7 seconds left on the clock: 20 – 17]  The luck of the Irish!

Air Force is in The Big House (line: UM, spread 21.5)  Having watched AF play Utah for years, I think this will be a tighter game than that–AF is much faster than most teams that don’t play them regularly bargain for.  Of course, UM is also probably pretty jacked up after their loss to Alabama last week.  [Update:  Michigan wins 31 – 25.  Again, knew it would be a closer game than predicted.]

USC is at Syracuse (line: USC, spread 27)  They’re playing in East Rutherford, NJ.  Hmmmm. [Update: USC 42, Syracuse 29]

MSU is at Central Michigan (line: MSU, spread 20)  Go State!!  [Update:  MSU wins 41 – 7.  Sorry, Aunt Nan!]

USF is at Nevada (line: Nevada, spread 1.5)  Sounds like this may be the game to watch–CBS at 3:30 EDT. [Update: WOW!  USF wins it 32 – 31 in a nail-biter]

Wisconsin is at Oregon State (line: UW, spread 7.0)  Badgers vs Beavers  [Update:  OSU wins 10 – 7]

Presbyterian is at Georgia Tech (No line available)  Is there some sort of history here, yello, or is this a one-off? [Update:  GT smushes its pre-ACC patsy 59 – 3]

Florida A&M is at Oklahoma (line: Oklahoma, spread 0.0)  Huh? [Update: OK beats the spread 69 – 13]

New Mexico is going to be smushed at UT (line: Texas, spread 39.0) [Update:  Yep, UT smushed NM 45 – 0]

OK State is at Arizona (line: OSU, spread 11.5)  What do you think, McWing?  Could the ‘Cats surprise us?  [Update: McWing!  They KILLED!!!!  Arizona 59, OSU 38–good game Wildcats!!]

Did I forget anybody?  Happy Saturday, all!

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