Saturday Football Open Thread, Week 4 (a.k.a. The Last Week of [Mostly] Meaningless Games)

It’s the last weekend before conference play begins, and I, for one, think that this pre-conference play lasts at least one–if not two–weeks too long.  But then, I’m a fuddy duddy when in comes to collegiate football, and I’d bag the BCS and the playoff system for a return to the traditional five Real Bowl Games (all but one of which began before my parents were born, let alone me, which truly qualifies me for fuddy duddy-hood) played on New Year’s Day.  Hey–you kids!  Outta my stadium!!

Pop quiz:  who can name the original five bowl games without resorting to The Google?

Anyway, to get back on track, Boise State barely squeaked by BYU on Thursday 7 – 6, and I’m not sure if that means that BSU has fallen off of its BCS-busting pedestal or if going independent has made BYU that much better.  I suspect the former.  Once again, LA-Monroe just barely lost to a major conference team when Baylor beat them 47 – 42 last night; if they stick to this form I can’t think of a team in their conference that can slow them down.  What’s what in ATiM world:

UAB is at osu (line: osu, spread 36.0)  This is one of those crazy pre-conference games that just doesn’t really have a good reason for happening.  Maybe a sinkhole will open up midfield and prevent osu from winning, but I’m not holding my breath.  [Update: osu wins 29 – 15]

UTEP is playing Wisconsin (line: UW, spread 16.0)  Go, Badgers!  [Update: UW wins 37 – 26]

Miami (FL) is at Georgia Tech (line: GT, spread 12.5)  Go, Yellow Jackets!  [Update: Miami upsets GT 42 – 36 in OT]

Hapless Eastern Michigan is at MSU (line: MSU, spread 31.5)  I’m still feeling just a tad bitter about last week, but Go State!  [Update: MSU wins 23 – 7]

Idaho State is playing Nebraska (line: Nebraska, spread 0.0)  Another one of those conundrums.  Go Huskers, nonetheless! [Update: I’ve highlighted both teams–see Fairlington Blades’ comment below][Update 2: Nebraska smushes ISU with mega #RomneyStrength, 73 – 7]

Temple vs Penn State (line: PSU, spread 9.0)  Go, Nittany Lions!  [Update: PSU wins 24 – 14]

USF is playing Ball State (line: USF, spread 13.0)  Da Bulls!  [Update: Ball State wins in a upset, 31 – 27]

Cal is at USC (line: USC, spread 16.0)  Why they’re bothering to rank USC when they can’t play in the post-season continues to be beyond me. . . [Update:  see Mike’s comment below][Update 2: USC wins 27 – 9]

The Big Game this week is Michigan vs Notre Dame (line: Notre Dame, spread 6.0)  C’mon, Wolverines, give me some pay-back here!  [Update: Notre Dame in a blowout 13 – 6.  The score doesn’t really reflect how ND absolutely dominated UM]

Kansas State takes on Oklahoma (line: OU, spread 16.0)  What’s that Sooner cheer again, okie??  🙂 [Update: KSU also wins in an upset 24 – 19]

Syracuse is at UMinn in intra-ATiM play (line: Syracuse, spread 1.0)  I’ll let Scott and bsimon duke it out over this one, but it sounds like it should be a good game. [Update: Minnesota 17 – 10]

Utah vs Arizona State (line: ASU, spread 4.0)  I think this one’s a toss-up.  Go, Utes! [Update: ASU in a walk, 37 – 7]

Arizona is playing Oregon(line: Oregon, spread 21.5)  OK, ‘Cats, prove them wrong!  [Update: Oregon 49 – 0. Ouch!]

Off this week are BC, Stanford, and Texas.  This week feels more like the pause before the storm than real football, but here’s hoping all the “right” teams win!  I’ll be out of the loop at a Race for the Cure luncheon for a chunk of the day, so anyone who wants to should feel free to edit this to update scores and provide commentary.

Note to lms:  at least your Angels have a 9% chance of making the playoffs–the Mariners have a 0.0% chance!

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