Saturday Football Open Thread, Week Three

Well, Mike’s USF Bulls fell to Rutgers on Thursday night 23 – 13, although in their defense they’d had a short week after a spectacular win over Nevada last Saturday.  Last night’s Washington State/UNLV game was predictable, 35 – 27.  Oklahoma has a bye this week, so you can spend all the time in your yard that you like, okie!  It should be another great weekend for both football and outdoor fun, so what’s going on in the stadia:

Western Michigan is playing Minnesota (line: UMinn, spread 1.0)  Really?  I find it difficult to believe that the Broncos are likely to keep it that close, especially after losing to Illinois in Week One 24 – 7.  But maybe they’ll surprise me.  [Update: Minnesota wins 28 – 23]  So the Broncos did better than I thought they would!

Arkansas State is at Nebraska (line: Nebraska, spread 23)  Don’t know much about either team, other than Fairlington Blade is a life-long Nebraska fan, poor soul.  Go, Huskers!  [Update: Nebraska wins 42 – 13]

Cal at ohio state university (line: osu, spread 17.0)  Please, please, please, Golden Bears!!  Come through for me this weekend!!  [Update: osu wins 35 – 28, dang it.  They clearly used #RomneyStrength]

Virginia is at Georgia Tech (line: GT, spread 10.5)  This game has been a toss-up the last three meetings, so anything goes. . . but for yello’s sake, I hope GT wins.  [Update: GT uses real #RomneyStrength to win 56 – 20.  What a game, yello!!]

Boston College is playing at Northwestern (line: Northwestern, spread 4.5)  Hey–didn’t Jack Ryan go to BC?  Go Eagles!  [Update:  Northwestern 22 – 13]

UMass is in The Big House (line: UMich, spread 45.5)  Some games just shouldn’t be played.  Or scheduled in the first place.  [Update: UMich 63 – 13  Beat the spread and everything]

Navy at Penn State (line: PSU, spread 8.5)  Here’s hoping O’Brien gets his first win.  Heaven knows the players could use it, and please let the kicker make a FG this week. . . [Update: PSU takes this one 36 – 7]

Stony Brook vs Syracuse (no details available at posting time)  This strikes me as one of those football games in which many of us haven’t  heard of half of the teams.  Got any insight for us, Scott?  [Update: Syracuse, 28 – 17]

USC is playing Stanford (boy, Lulu, you picked a bad week to tell me these were your two teams!  line: USC, spread 8.0)  Go Trojan Cardinal!  (And that sounds like a colorful condom or something!)  [Update: Stanford wins in an upset, 21 – 14]

Utah State is at Wisconsin (line: UW, spread 14.0)  I think they’re being overly kind to USU after their win over Utah last week.  They’ve had their big win for the season, the Badgers will probably romp.  [Update:  UW holds USU scoreless in the second half and wins 16 – 14.  USU far exceeded my expectations, and it looks like UW lived “up” to Mark’s.]

Texas will crush Ole Miss (line: UT, spread 10.0)  Mark (no pun intended) my words, UT is going to blow the spread away.  [Update: UT blows the spread away 66 – 31.  *coughmarkcough*]

BYU at Utah (line: BYU, spread 3.5)  Go, Utes!  ‘Nough said.  [Update: Utah wins 24 – 21]

S. Carolina State is at Arizona (no details available at posting time)  C’mon ‘Cats, prove McWing wrong (again)!!  [Update:  Arizona also utilizes #RomneyStrength and smushes SCS 56 – 0.  Three wins in a row, McWing!]

And the mac daddy game this week (as far as I’m concerned, anyway):

Notre Dame at MSU (line: MSU, spread 6.0)  MSU is going for its 16th home victory in a row.  Go State!  8:00 pm edt on ABC.  [Update: Meh.  The Irish win 20 – 3.  MSU played like a third-rate high school team; the O-line was non-existent, the QB was throwing uncatchable passes, when he did throw catchable ones the receivers dropped them. . . horrible, horrible game.  Sigh.]

P.S.  Kevin!  Great to see you–and even better to see you posting!  Who’s your team(s) that I should add to the mix?

20 Responses

  1. I went to the UVA-GT game in Charlottesville last year and it was ugly. The Cavaliers stopped GT’s unbeaten streak. This year at least it’s in Atlanta.


  2. yello:

    I saw that when I was looking at the matchup history–don’t know if it’s because the two teams are so even or what, but the way it has gone back and forth seems to favor the home team. Go, Yellow Jackets!


  3. Kev went to an art school, ‘Goose.

    Ole Miss has a truly dangerous two way QB. UT should wear them down, but it should be close early.

    Wisconsin was so bad last time out that I would take USt against the spread.

    I usually root for the Spartans and for Navy, and this week is no exception. My sis went to East Lansing A&M. I was annoyed that ND whipped the Middies in Ireland.


  4. I figured that Kevin might be a Vols fan or something, Mark. And careful what you say about my alma mater, there, Mr Austin Community College! 🙂


  5. I don’t watch much football as my dad burned me out when I was really young. When I do watch I prefer college over pro for some reason. I grew up watching USC and I still do occasionally along with Stanford. A local boy almost won the Heisman a couple of years ago from Stanford and I’ve followed him to Minnesota, who hasn’t played very well the last couple of years.

    Thanks for these posts Michi, I know all the football fans are really enjoying them. Personally I’m just grieving over my Angels……………….lol.


  6. Good to see you back, Lulu! Sorry about the Angels. . . if it’s of any consolation, the Mariners are doing far, far worse. Not that that’s anything new!

    I’ll add USC and Stanford in for you; Minnesota’s up there for bsimon.

    D’oh! And I just realized you meant the Vikings. Thinking too much about college ball today, I guess!


  7. USCGA, 35-21 over MIT. Sigh. If PSU doesn’t win, then it will be an 0-fer weekend for me.


  8. Wisconsin?

    Well, I guess I could check to see if my other alma mater (Chicago) is still playing football or if they banned it again.

    Oh hey, they’re playing Elmhurst College tonight. I didn’t even know Elmhurst College had a team. I wonder if either of those teams could beat any of the state high school champs.


  9. Mark:

    And then those damn Buckeyes scored again. Come ON Bears!!!!!

    I think you missed my comments on Texas football last week, but that’s OK. No trash talking at all!

    Shockingly, Mike, there is no Vegas line on the Chicago/Elmhurst College game! 😀


  10. Ah, it was Scripps in La Jolla for my postdoc.

    ULM goes to OT with another SEC team ….


  11. And here we go! Oh, to be in Spartan Stadium tonight!


  12. And PSU saves me from an 0-fer weekend — Elmhurst wins 33-0.


  13. The Huskers seem to have settled into the lower reaches of the Top 25. It’s disappointing, but the crucial error was made years ago when they fired Dr. Tom’s successor. A few ugly years followed. Judging from Oklahoma’s success following its years of mediocrity, this doesn’t have to be a permanent state of affairs.

    The big bonus for me is that with NE in the Big, umm, Whatever is that I can occasionally see a game.



  14. Thanks Michi! Non-conference games you’ll note. It’s like an adult joining a kids karate class and bragging about all the ass he/she can kick. (sly Seinfeld/Kramer reference.)


  15. I’m not big into sports. Football is the one where they throw the orange stripey-ball through the net, right? 😉


  16. It’s the one where the ball is pointy.


    • Well, American football is pointy. Real football is a socialist sport involving kicking a ball into a net (and some guys writhing around on the ground in agony).


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