Madame Commish’s Saturday morning update

With no upsets on Friday night, the Saturday morning ATiM Rocks leaderboard reflects how many of last night’s winners (Kentucky, Baylor, UNC, Kansas) were still present in a particular bracket.   The leaderboard now looks like this:

  1. DogJS (153 pts., 4 winners last night, 6 teams still standing)
  2. USF Baby (141 pts., 2 winners last night, 3 teams still standing)
  3. Moderately Yello (132 pts., 3 winners, 4 teams)
  4. MIA#4 (128 pts, 3 winners, 4 teams)
  5. MIA#2 (125 pts., 4 winners, 5 teams)
  6. ashot (111 pts., 4 winners, 5 teams)
  7. Michigoose#2 (100 pts., 3 winners, 3 teams)
  8. Blade Warriors (93 pts., 1 winner, 3 teams)
  9. okiegirl (88 pts., 2 winners, 3 teams)

A key factor going forward is whether a leading bracket’s eventual champion is still in the hunt.  The answer is Yes for ashot (Kentucky), MIA#2 and USF Baby (UNC), MIA#4 (L’ville), and DogJS (Kansas).

Oh, and can someone provide a link to a photo of our logo at the top of the page?  Madame Commissioner needs it to finish part of the grand prize.  Thank you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

4 Responses

  1. Florida had it, but let the lead slip away. Louisville 72, Florida 68.

    Congrats to MIA#4, DogJS, and…er…me for correctly selecting Louisville as the West region champ.


  2. I’m amused. Three of my Final Four picks were upset in the first round with only my obligatory #1 seed surviving. And Syracuse had a scare!

    I also had the first team making it to the Final Four predicted as an upset victim to Davidson. Oops.

    I’m tempted to simply list every team in the 4 – 8 spots as upset victims and send high seeds through the Sweet Sixteen.



  3. BB, your bracket has done quite well in spite of your early setbacks. I think that’s pretty cool.


  4. I will always* pick #12 seeds over #5 seeds. They’ve done too well in recent years not to gamble for the bonus points.

    *Unless I’m stupidly convinced that one of the five seeds is my sleeper pick for the Final Four.



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