Madame Commissioner’s Sunday morning update

One Big Ten (but not really) team has managed to muscle its way into the Final Four.  Ohio State beat the Melo-deprived Syracuse Orange, 77 -70.

DogJS, Moderately Yello, okieboycat, and Mark in Austin correctly selected OSU as the East region winner.  Congrats to you all!

This morning’s standings are as follows (favored teams in today’s action in parentheses):

  • DogJS: 172 (Kentucky, Kansas)
  • Moderately Yello: 143 (Kansas)
  • USF Baby: 141 (Kentucky, UNC)
  • MIA#2 and #4: 136 (both UNC)
  • ashot:111 (Kentucky, UNC)
  • Michigoose#2: 100 (Kansas)
  • Okieboycat: 94 (UNC)
  • Blade Warriors: 93 (none)

Enjoy your Sunday!

10 Responses

  1. The Admiral watches from shore, fists clenched, as his last, proudest vessel, The Syracuse, falls to a fusillade of free throws loosed by the pirate ship Buckeye. He sadly turns towards higher ground and is heard to mutter… next year… next year…



  2. LOL!


  3. Congrats to those who correctly chose Kentucky to win the South. It was never close, 82-70.
    Word is UNC’s Kendall Marshall will not play in this afternoon’s game against Kansas.


  4. Given how close the UNC-Kansas game was (until the end), one wonders if the outcome would have been different had Kendall Marshall of UNC played. But he didn’t, and Kansas takes the Midwest region, 80-67.

    The leaderboard, along with how many teams each bracket has left:
    • DogJS, 191 pts., 4
    • Moderately Yello, 154 pts., 2
    • USF Baby, 149 pts., 1
    • MIA#2, 144 pts., 2
    • MIA#4, 136 pts., 1
    • ashot, 119 pts., 1
    • Michigoose#2, 111 pts., 1
    • MsJS, 99 pts., 2


  5. If OSU beats Kansas and Louisville beats Kentucky, then L’ville wins it all DogJS is beatable.


  6. Wait, a dog picked all 4 Final Four Teams? Can I even catch up if Kentucky wins the whole thing?


  7. Congratulations to DogJS. Being 4 for 4 in picking the Final Four, particularly THIS year, deserves some kind of special achievement award.



  8. ashot, if either Kentucky or Kansas wins in the semis DogJS wins the ATiM Rocks pool.

    BB, DogJS could possibly break into the top 1pct of all 3.17 million Yahoo brackets if Kansas beats Kentucky in the finals. I haven’t told him, or he’d be insufferable. Suffice it to say it’s a statistically unusual selection.


  9. I’ll be driving through Kentucky on Saturday. I wonder if I can get away with wearing my 2008 Kansas National Champions t-shirt.



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