Friday morning ATiM Rocks update

Thursday evening’s games were not kind to Madame Commissioner’s extended humanoid family.  Niece2JS is a recent Badger grad and Niece3JS attends Marquette.  DogJS, however, is quite the happy puppy, as he now sits atop the ATiM Rocks leaderboard.  Madame Commish neglected to realize yesterday he had picked Louisville over Michigan State, and that was enough for him to take a slim lead.

The standings are now:

  1. DogJS: 137
  2. USF Baby: 133
  3. Moderately Yello: 120
  4. MIA#4: 116
  5. MIA#2: 109
  6. ashot: 95
  7. Blade Warriors: 89
  8. Michigoose#2: 88
  9. okiegirl: 80

As for today’s games, all of the ATiM Rocks leaders favor some combination of Kentucky, Baylor, North Carolina and Kansas as the winners.  If anyone else has a bracket with Indiana, Xavier, Ohio and/or NC State winning, upsets are a must for you to move up.  On paper only Indiana appears to have a realistic chance, but Cinderella mojo is a curious thing.

13 Responses

  1. Just curious – do we know how well a bracket that picked the higher seeds in every game has fared, in ATiM’s scoring system?


  2. mark, that’s what my okieboydog bracket was for. It picked only the higher seed in every game. You can see from the board that it’s at the bottom of the pack due to bonus scoring.


  3. Mark, if our pool awarded just one point for each correct win, the leaders would vary and look something like this:
    1. USF Baby, okieboydog and MIA#4: 34
    4. DogJS, MIA#2, Blade Warriors and Moderately Yello: 33
    8. okiegirl and okieboycat: 31
    10. Michi#2: 30
    11: MIA#3, MIA#1: 29
    13: ashot, okiegirldog, Michi’s Big Ten: 28


    • What’s the entry fee? I don’t think I have paid anyone yet, and by the looks of it you won’t be able to take it out of my winnings.


  4. Didn’t we agree that Scott gets only a modest surcharge of $10,000? Perhaps you were absent at the time, Scott.


  5. I don’t want to talk about last night. The performance by MSU was wretched.


  6. i am in the process of creating the prize and need a link to the image adorning the top of the page. Can someone kindly supply?

    ScottC, money may or may not be involved in the prize depending in part on the species of the winner. There is, however, no monetary entry fee.


  7. Baylor is wasting no time: 28-12 after about 12 minutes against Xavier.


  8. 33-16 with a little over 5 minutes in the 1st half. Baylor must have something to prove.

    Is my TV that old and off? Baylor’s uniforms look much more yellow to me than “neon green.” I don’t recall having seen those unis before.


    • Okie, the Baylor unis are yellow.

      Kansas coach Self: “According to the shot chart, we made two shots for the game outside of five feet. For the game. For the game,” Self said, emphasizing the point. “That’s unbelievable … and somehow you win. We can’t be like that Sunday, but I think that should give us some confidence.”

      Will Marshall play and be effective for UNC? Kansas has won 11 of its last 12, having lost to Baylor in the Big 12 tourney semifinal, before Baylor lost to Mizzou. Kansas is capable of missing too many shots from outside five feet in any given game and cannot be favored past this point, Marshall or not. OTOH, Kansas plays team ball on offense and defense and can play with anyone, when a fair number of shots drop.

      Scott, Syr has weathered “no Melo” well. If Jamar Samuel had been able to play for K-St Syr might have been tested, but w/o him K-St had no real chance. Ohio St. is healthy and rugged and this should be the real test for Syr. I think OH St. will win, I think KY will thrash Baylor, and I think L’ville will continue its improbable run. Of course I thought Mizzou would be here, too, so what I think and a quarter gets you 15 min on a parking meter.


  9. And, of course, the lid went on the basket as soon as I posted previous comment. 33-28 with 2 minutes to go.


  10. The neon yellow Baylor uni’s are courtesy of Adidas. They showed up at the end of the regular season. A few other teams got Adidas neon makeovers, too.


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