A Thanks to All the “Moderates”

Of course, by “Moderate”, I mean that as a name for a participants on this blog. Sort of like “Go Panthers!” except that, since the blog is called “All Things in Moderation”, we are all “Moderates”. In the same sense that the members of a sports team are “Panthers”.

When a new post comes up, or a new comment is posted, it is natural to dive right into the meat of it. Generally, we either start asking questions, concurring (with amplification), or disagreeing, and launching into debate. Which is all well and good: that’s sort of the point, after all!

However, when individuals make the sort of efforts that Michigoose has recently on her Komen articles, or someone takes time out of their busy schedule to contribute, as did ABC the other day, or someone like Fairlington Blade puts so much energy into explaining to all of us how his job works, I think a special thanks is also in order.

And the Morning Report! I realize Brent posts them at his own blog, but he takes the time to bring them over here and share, and they are awesome.

There are some really heroic efforts being made here when it comes to content, and I just wanted to express my own heartfelt thanks to everybody for their participation.

While citing Brent and Michigoose and ABC, the same shout out goes to everybody who contributes content. When we see a post, we often dig into the meat of the debate, which is good. But it’s also good to thank the folks who are devoting so much time and energy (and providing so much unique insight) for starting the conversations.

So, thanks!

56 Responses

  1. Totally agree Kevin. Without the original post, there would be little discussion and we’ve had some great ones recently. Thanks to all.


  2. Hear, hear. Even when I don’t comment I appreciate the very knowledgeable posts and the subsequent discussion.


  3. ATiM is my first click of the day.

    I really want do a post on the meeting i just got back from, but it was off-the-record ACA implementation. so I’ll just torment you all with that.


  4. Indeed, kw, but I do prefer to think of myself as a wingnut. Call me a moderate wingnut. On second thought, I’m probably an extreme wingnut.

    [And allegedly this is a reeducation camp that Scott and I run.]

    I think of us as wingnuts, moonbats, and wingbats.


  5. And we’ve barely discussed Romney at all, much less every day.


  6. Thanks Kevin. I get way more comments and discussion here than I do on my other blog.


  7. Is Brent’s blog linked here?


  8. Another interesting item from the poll about targeted drone killings that Greg over at PL cited yesterday:

    “February 9, 2012, 10:06 am
    Hurray for Guantanamo Bay

    There’s a new poll out from the Washington Post and ABC News that contains some bad news for two sorts of people – those, like me, who are concerned about the Obama administration’s position on civil liberties; and Republicans, not like me, who think they can make President Obama look weak on national security.

    According to the poll, 70 percent of Americans say they approve of President Obama’s decision to keep open the Guantanamo Bay prison. The Post said 53 percent of self-described liberal Democrats and 67 percent of moderate or conservative Democrats support keeping it in operation.

    Before expressing shock and dismay, let me clear something up. Mr. Obama never really made a “decision” to keep the prison open. He failed to follow through on the announcement that he would close it, and then let himself get rolled by Congressional Republicans when members of his administration tried to keep the promise.

    I’ve been told that the administration decided against taking a stand on this issue because their internal research indicated that Americans didn’t care all that much. The Post poll, sadly, confirms that political diagnosis.”


    In short, the Bush counterterrorism policies, which President Obama has continued and expanded, enjoy broad bipartisan support as long as the President who is executing them has a (D) after his name.


  9. Like it or not qb, you’re still part of “team moderate”. 😉 Come to think of it, so am I……..who knew? Funny though, I used to consider myself an actual moderate, now I’m a lefty for the cause.


  10. LMS, you’ve touched irreverently on what we are not. We are not the knee, jerking to the 24/7 cable cycle. I am not only thankful to LMS and Kev who envisioned and designed the bus, respectively, but to everyone who has taken a turn at the wheel, and to all for commenting at a typically thoughtful level.
    Also outside that 24/7 cycle: I want to recommend to all the WaPo’s series of investigative reports on Congresspersons feathering their own nest, within the lax rules. The series lays bare structural issues that must be addressed, even beyond the insider trading semi-scandal. When I read that series, I was almost ready to concede to Scott that this is not “our” government, but an organism with its own life and raison d’etre. I was sad.
    Back to self-congratulations: Where do we hold the anniversary party? Austin is beautiful in October.


  11. I’m with yello — a lot of times I don’t comment because I don’t have anything substantive to add to the discussion. But I do read through most comments sections here because the discussion is good.

    Where do we hold the anniversary party?

    Since this is ostensibly a political blog, I’ll just remind everyone that the RNC is in Tampa in August … and that there are two of us here in the Bay area.


  12. Anniversary party? Aren’t you all dying to come to “Horsetown USA”? I thought I heard someone mention that.


  13. And not to be disagreeable Mike, but the “Bay Area” is San Francisco.


  14. NYC?


  15. “Where do we hold the anniversary party? Austin is beautiful in October.”

    I’ll most likely be in Austin in October for the Austin City Limits music festival in Zilker Park.


    This will be my third year going.


  16. but the “Bay Area” is Tampa Bay


  17. I concur. With amplification.


  18. I thought the bay area was Green Bay.


    • I thought the Bay area was Galveston, but Exxon refinery employees think it is Baytown. I am not lobbying for Baytown as an anniversary party site, however.


  19. Let’s see…….which state has the largest population, CA, FL or WI……I win. Majority says San Francisco.


  20. LMS, let’s see…which city has the lowest priced friendly accommodations:
    SF? NY? Someplace else?

    Perhaps we should rethink this after research. A neutral site with decent BBQ and cheap accommodations, in most flight paths, might be KC.


  21. How about Golden, CO? I know a cheap hotel and we could party for free at Coors!!!! Last time I was there we played gin in the lounge. Haaaaahaaaaa. It has nothing to do with daughter #2, honest.


  22. Lots of policy magazines/institutes run cruises with featured speakers. don’t cruise ships run out of Galveston?

    ATiM lecture and booze cruise on the ACA.


  23. I agree with Kevin’s observations completely. ATIM is a wonderful alternate to the yelling, and name calling so common throughout the blogosphere.

    I recently read an interesting post about the differences between liberals and conservatives and their value systems. I found the piece to be an accurate reflection of my observations, but then perhaps that is because of some progressive bias on my part.

    I’m wondering if conservatives find Mr. Edsall’s conclusions offensive stereotypes or reasonable descriptions of the conservative value system.


    Their findings show how profound the chasm is on values questions between liberals and conservatives. Generally speaking, not only do liberals place high importance on peace, mutual understanding, and empathy for those who have difficulty prevailing in competition, they demonstrate concern for equality of outcome, while conservatives place pointedly low or negative importance on such values. 9 On the other side, conservatives believe that the use of force is a legitimate method of conflict resolution across a range of domains, from war to law enforcement to the discipline of children. 10 Conservatives are more likely to believe in an “eye for an eye,” are more likely to respect received tradition, and are overwhelmingly committed to the proposition that individuals are responsible for their own economic condition — all views rejected by liberals.

    If you follow the link you’ll see the various surveys where Edsall has retrieved his information.

    IMO I see nothing positive or negative about the “values” attributed to either the liberals or the conservatives. They are what they are. But again I’m curious if conservatives are actually being portrayed in a pejorative fashion and my progressive bias renders me unable to see it.


    • ruk:

      I see nothing positive or negative about the “values” attributed to either the liberals or the conservatives.

      Pull the other one.


  24. RUK – I strongly agree with 9 in its entirety, and weakly agree with two of the three parts of 10. And I think the only way “eye for an eye” gets correlated to conservatism is if we define fundamentalist Jews, Christians, and Muslims as “conservatives”. In short, I already find this to be suspect.

    There was a poll that I think was libertarian inspired by which one answered a series of questions and was placed on a graph. I recalled that I was three clicks to the libertarian [as opposed to authoritarian] side and zero on the the other axis. My oldest good friend, a Republican pediatric cardiologist, was two only clicks libertarian and one click more conservative than I on the other axis of the graph. I suspect that most folks are more comfortable with continuums than with pigeon holes.


  25. mark might have had something like this in mind.



  26. When I hear Bay, I think Chesapeake Bay….that watershed includes several states including MD, VA, DE, WV, PA, NY and DC. More than 17 million people live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the Bay’s land-to-water ratio (14:1) is the largest of any coastal water body in the world. Sorry but there is but one Bay…:-)

    DC it is then?


  27. @ruk, why wouldn’t I be offended to be characterized as a warmongering, racist, classist, simplistic, vindictive, bible-thumping conformist who’s only redeeming quality is that I sometimes recognize that there are unintended consequences to otherwise well-intentioned polices drawn up by these obviously nuanced, thoughtful, peace-loving, and compassionate liberals who’s only fault is to sometimes overestimate the ability of government to solve all of our problems?

    Alas, it doesn’t bother me anymore. You guys don’t get us. You probably never will.


  28. If you’ve never followed MMT, you should because they are the coming thing in economics. Call them Keynesians on steroids. This is a piece about them by the alwasy interesting John Carney:

    “The Buckaroo and the Demand for Money”



  29. I suspect that most folks are more comfortable with continuums than with pigeon holes.

    Hence, All Things in Moderation. No one really “gets” anyone else, which is why I think we need to focus on issues and conversation rather than what can conceivably be labeled as stereotypes. And yes IMO, in this instance, both side do it.

    And yes RUK, I think your perception is at least somewhat skewed by your philosophical differences with conservatives and or libertarians. I think you tried to cushion the blow though, lol.


  30. “I think you tried to cushion the blow though, lol.”

    I know I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight. After, you know, I leave someone to die in the street.


  31. ATiM lecture and booze cruise on the ACA.

    Neutral territory……………..that gets my vote.


  32. As this is a mostly political blog, I’d argue you need to come to the belly of the beast.

    Come to the Beltway Side, Luke. It is your density.



  33. lms:

    And not to be disagreeable Mike, but the “Bay Area” is San Francisco.

    That’s what I thought until I moved down here, but, well, the “Bay Area” is Tampa Bay to me for now.

    In any case, I believe there are more of us ATiMers in this “Bay Area” than in the West Coast “Bay Area.” To quote a famous person, “just sayin’.”


  34. Nova

    Thanks for your test…I think it probably helps place folks on the continuum.


  35. I know I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight. After, you know, I leave someone to die in the street.

    I said tried, I didn’t say he was successful. And I know what you do as a volunteer EMT so while you may cry yourself to sleep at night, it’s not going to be because you let someone die. You’re one of the good guys IMO, as you well know.


  36. Edward Cardinal Egan apparently thinks that this whole contraception issue is really a failure of biology instruction. Not enough people understand that boys can’t get pregnant:

    “A decade after the sex abuse scandal that plagued the Catholic Church across the country, retired Cardinal Edward Egan has taken back his apology for how the church handled the issue.

    In an interview published this week in Connecticut Magazine, Egan denies any sex abuse happened under his watch in Bridgeport, Connecticut, or in New York.

    “I never had one of these sex abuse cases. … Not one,” he told the magazine. Referencing the apology he issued in 2002, Egan continued, “I should never have said that. I did say ‘If we did anything wrong, I’m sorry,’ but I don’t think we did anything wrong.”



  37. not only do liberals place high importance on peace, mutual understanding, and empathy for those who have difficulty prevailing in competition

    Not if the comments sections on the Plum Line are in indication. Bad-dum-dum!


  38. Not if the comments sections on the Plum Line are in indication. Bad-dum-dum!



  39. are overwhelmingly committed to the proposition that individuals are responsible for their own economic condition

    Just a distinction, but “need to be” and “are” are different things, and I tend to believe that individuals necessarily need to be responsible for their economic condition. They are not responsible for their parents, and have limited responsibility as regards where they grow up and who they meet and what good or ill fortune they confront. However, I also believe they must take responsibility for their economic condition, or no amount of assistance will help. It doesn’t mean some assistance isn’t appropriate, only that there are real limits to what can be done without also having those in difficult situations take ownership of their own circumstances.


  40. According to the test, I’m a liberal, but fit squarely between Left and Libertarian. For what it’s worth.


  41. The ongoing reaction to the clergy sexual abuse scandals is but one of the causes of my falling out with the Church. In order to pay out the judgments against them, they have had to sell land, close churches and call for special collections. I really don’t like my money going to an organization that harbors and defends pedophiles. And I say that as a former Boy Scout leader.


  42. Just a little dark humor, lms. a staple of the first responder community.


  43. LA’s archbishop on the contraception issue:



  44. I’m afraid to take the test. Yikes.

    I know NoVA, just wanted to make sure there was no question.


  45. Which test is it? The one on Mark’s new post?


  46. I like this test: http://www.politicalcompass.org/index

    slightly right-leaning libertarian (duh)


  47. lms, I think they are referring to nova’s test at . I’m sure all would be surprised where my result came out, lol.

    Edit: Can’t get the link to work. It’s in a nova comment upthread.


  48. nova:

    “That’s why the First Amendment protects churches and individuals from the government meddling in what they believe, or in how they express and live out those beliefs. That’s also why the government has always felt comfortable providing funding for Church charities and ministries that serve the common good of all Americans.”

    Two whoppers!

    The church exempts itself from all regulation or at least it tries to, even the ones that it says should apply to other like labor unions. As to the government always feeling comfortable?????? There’s rewrtigin history and then there’s being completely oblvious to it.


  49. You needed a test to tell you?

    Just providing information. It’s a very short test, I dispute its accuracy.

    Marks tests pegs me slightly right of center, which seems much more like it, to me.


  50. Golly, according to NoVA’s test I’m a liberal–who’d a thunk?!? 🙂

    90% on personal issues score, 30% on economic issues score. Big surprise there!


  51. Is empathy for oneself even possible?

    Perhaps for those with multiple personality disorder!



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