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  1. Hope all of you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends of your choice.


  2. Merry Christmas (and a belated Happy Hanukkah), gentlemen.


    • Figured you’d get a kick out of this: Edit.. I guess this link goes down an anti-Urban Meyer thread and stops, but the long Twitter thread was awesome… Edit 2: I wonder how the Big 10 would do on Jan 1 if the games were played in conditions like that?


      • That was great! Trust an osu fan to screw it up.

        I’ve always thought that the Big Ten’s problem with the Rose Bowl was that it was just too warm. . . 😎


  3. 4 stages in a man’s life:

    1. You believe in Santa
    2. You don’t believe in Santa
    3. You are Santa
    4. You look like Santa…

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  4. Jerry World clash for B1G and PAC this year. Surreal place for a Rose Bowl.

    Meanwhile, this was interesting:


    On the road back from Baja Rosanne and I listened on POTUS to a recap of all the continuing Russian mucking around in western politics. For instance, from the Russian view it was not pro-Trump, it was and is just designed here and in Europe to cause confusion and distrust and is only intended to help Russia by hurting the west and representative government. They are apparently mucking around on the left in the US now because it is available for mucking in.

    This article wonders if Putin the mastermind is acting a bit scared of his own declining popularity in Russia as he has not delivered on the domestic promises.


    • Mark:

      They are apparently mucking around on the left in the US now because it is available for mucking in.

      How are they doing that?


      • I don’t recall the detail.

        In general, the Russians are spreading propaganda against anyone who is a hawk about Russia, as I recall. McCain and McMaster and McConnell [I recalled them specifically because of the “Mc”] and hawkish Ds have been continuing targets, and aside from HRC and Panetta in the recent past, current Ds on the Senate Armed Services Committee and the non-EW/Bernie Ds in general have been in the crosshairs.

        Also, Russian propaganda has dummy groups on both sides of hot button issues like gun control and abortion. The idea is to polarize every issue possible, not just left-right, but within the left and the right. Then the two interviewees listed all the continuing propaganda generated by Moscow in every Euro crisis of recent months, as well, especially Madrid/Barcelona, but also Brexit, German elections, French elections, Polish elections, etc.

        The Russian tactics are apparent to the intel folks. The intel community wants more cooperation from Silicon Valley to ID sourcing of phony Russian email campaigns and placements. One of them cited Hamilton’s Federalist 47 which I don’t recall, myself, for the fear of foreign influence.

        What I don’t recall is the examples of the specific news/blog/internet placements and items about each. I didn’t take notes. I was driving.


        • I’m definitely interested in the details, if you run across them anywhere. To be honest it would surprise me if the Russians have managed to secretly sow more political polarization in the US than, say, the NYT has done quite openly. Or even the Supreme Court, for that matter.


        • It sounds like a belief that there can be no legitimate variation from Progressive Orthodoxy, and dissent can only be Russian Meddling.


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