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  1. jncp and his companion and Rosanne and I had brunch yesterday in Austin, al fresco. We talked of a DC area meet-up in the foreseeable future. Good migas, good company, good fun.

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  2. This is interesting that it took so long for this to come out. I’m guessing the security guard may be giving an interview or something. I’m guessing the cops were up on the 32nd floor while he was shooting but did not, for unknown reasons, assault the room. If true, this is will cost the Cheif his job, among others.


    It’s the only thing that makes sense about why this was held back.


    • Question, are cops obligated to assault the room knowing that it’s certain death? The guard was shot through the door in a hail of bullets, the cops hear automatic fire, their radios are screaming that people are being shot on the ground, are they obligated to go in?


      • He shot for twelve minutes and it’s not unreasonable to think it took the cops that long to get there… still, I think there’s more to this.


        • I think the fact that the details of police action and the end of the event are still unclear suggests that the police are keeping something quiet.

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        • Now it was six minutes after the guard was shot before Paddock opened fire on the crowd. That means that it was over one hour and 16 minutes from when the guard was shot until the police breached Paddocks room and it was 18 minutes from when the guard was shot until Paddock stopped firing on the crowd.


        • Still a lot of stuff not known. Did the cleaning service ever enter the room from Thursday on? Did he order room service? How many times did he leave the room? Did he leave the hotel? The guys on video essentially whenever he’s outside the room. I’m sure it was just Paddock but I think the LVPD knows how this looks.

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