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  1. Westworld theory;

    Host Delores killed host Ford.

    Another theory:

    Soylent Green is people.


  2. Nova…great video. That was awesome.


  3. And now a not so awesome video from MTV. Hey MTV…fuck you.



    • That was pretty much everybody’s response. So, do you think they want 8 years of Trump, or are they that confused about the kind of effect this sort of stuff has on all the people who could have voted for Trump in November but couldn’t be bothered? Is it a strategy to make sure the Never Trumpers actually show up and vote for Trump next time?


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    • It’s not misrepresenting them to say that they care more about combatting “Islamophobia” than stopping terrorism.

      “A Cruel Test for Germany, and Europe

      With each new attack, the challenge to defend tolerance, inclusion, equality and reason grows more daunting.”


    • “embolden the far right”

      Well, that’s the worst thing that could possibly happen! All the dead people? Eh, people die all the time. Too many people on the planet as it is.


    • I love this from the Salon article:

      Apparently, it’s not enough for some folks to see the first woman who had a real shot at the presidency lose her bid. They also needed to kick her while she’s down.

      Right. Forget the voters who the faithless electors betrayed. The real outrage is that they hurt HRC’s feelings. These people just can’t be parodied.

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    • It must be exhausting to be that mad all the time.


  5. I’d love to hear Greg Sargent’s take on this.


  6. This bitch is woke, yo.


  7. Why they lost: Environment, inequality, gun control all issues at the bottom of the concern list.

    Economy, government, jobs, terrorism towards the top.


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  8. Am i the only one here scoring points for virtue signaling?


    • “There is a strange little cultural feedback loop that’s playing out again and again on social media. It begins with, say, a white American man who becomes interested in taking an outspoken stand against racism or misogyny. Maybe he starts by attending a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Or by reading the novels of Elena Ferrante. At some point, he might be asked to “check his privilege,” to acknowledge the benefits that accrue to him as a white man. At first, it’s humiliating — there’s no script for taking responsibility for advantages that he never asked for and that he can’t actually revoke. But soon, his discomfort is followed by an urge to announce his newfound self-­awareness to the world. He might even want some public recognition, a social affirmation of the work he has done on himself.”

      here’s my response.

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    • I am hoping Trump is smart enough to stay away from these sort of culture war things..

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      • I think defunding will happen. He owes them, and it can be framed as about taxpayer funding.

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        • The left is spoiling for that fight. Waste of political capital, IMO.

          Regulatory reform and corporate tax reform will have the most politicaland economic bang for the buck..


        • Brent:

          I just realized you corked me on that MTV BS. I have to pay more attention.


        • I don’t think he has to spend capital on Planned Parenthood. Say it needs to happen and that he’ll sign it, and punt to congress and the senate. But spend no more energy on it. If they send him a bill, sign it. But no arguing about it. No tour to argue the point. He’s done his job. The people who already hate him continue to hate him, the people who wanted to see something happen on abortion have a bone thrown.


  9. Why you make me hit you baby?


    • McWing:

      Baby, why you make me hit you?

      I have to admit that my first reaction was to wonder why in the world she was flying economy class.

      My second was to wonder how these clowns would have reacted had another passenger “expressed displeasure in a calm tone” about having to share a flight with a “married” gay couple.

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      • Only flight available and first class was sold out?

        But I would have thought they would have a private plane service.


        • I think Ivanka may be a much more serious politician than her father. And she’s already working to cultivate an image, and that image isn’t that of a spoiled princess flying around in her private plane.


    • anyone else find it odd that the more public these encounters have become — with the ability to document or even broadcast them — the less civil we’ve become. meaning, if someone accosted the daughter of a politician on a plane even 10 years ago, it would have been a shocking violation of mores and decorum. when did it become acceptable to voice whatever it you’re feeling, whenever you want. and it seems counter-intuitive. everyone has a camera and that’s when we can all be jerks in public?

      related, i watched Fastball on Netflix last night. interesting look at how the pitch and pitchers have changed. lots of footage of people wearing ties to attend a baseball game. i think when the ties when, so did our manners.

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