Morning Report: Short, dull week ahead 12/28/15


Stocks are lower on weaker data out of China. Bonds and MBS are flat.

Not a lot of data this week, which will be shortened by the New Year’s holiday on Friday. Not sure if we get an early close on Thursday.

2015 will be remembered as the year that nothing worked. Stocks, bonds, and commodities all performed lousy. Jim Bianco explains: “The Fed stimulus lifted all boats, and then the Fed withdrawing the stimulus is holding the boats down,” Bianco said by phone. “If the argument is right that the economy is going into 2016 weak and earnings are negative, those conditions will continue and therefore on the asset allocation level, I don’t expect anything to break out just yet.”

Know what did work in 2015? Real estate. Speaking of which, here are the hottest real estate markets according to NAR. As expected, the Bay Area tops the list, and California urban areas are well represented. Know what didn’t work in real estate? The stocks of companies in real estate with names like Stonegate and Nationstar in the dumps.

94% of young renters eventually want to buy a home, according to the NAR. If wage inflation returns, 2016 could be the year that this pent-up demand for housing begins to be felt in the industry.

Foreclosure starts are the lowest since 2006, according to Black Knight Financial Services. Fewer than 700,000 active foreclosures remain.

8 Responses

  1. Frist.

    I was surprised the summer of ’14 at Stockton’s relative affordability. It seems to have caught on with buyers who could not otherwise get into the Bay area with a shoehorn or a lever.


  2. Stockton was one of the most bubblicious markets back in the day…


  3. I was showing my kid old Young Ones episodes and we saw the Motorhead episode over the weekend.


  4. Good idea?

    If not, why not?


    • re: Juanita’s mattress: I don’t get it.

      Johnny Dollar was the last regular serial radio drama to go off the air. I listened from @ 1950 to @ 1962. The best of the several men who played Dollar was Bob Bailey, and the format when I was in HS was that each story took up 75 minutes in 5 x 15 minute segments, Monday through Friday.

      On the right side you will be able to listen to a typical 5 part episode. Try The Laughing Matter.

      I think it stands up pretty well, but I recall the show fondly, and may be nostalgic.


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