Father’s Day Open Thread

Hoping all the Dads here have a nice relaxing day and feel loved, respected and cherished by your children.  As only a half-assed feminist I support the role of Fathers in children’s lives. 🙂  My father was a hard man to live with sometimes, and we had our issues over the years, but I always treasured the discipline and independence he encouraged in me.  We really became best friends again at the end of his life and those memories are very precious to me.

My children have been very fortunate to have such a great father, as are my grandchildren.  They all got lucky and I think my Dad was a great example to my husband, who lost his father when he was quite young, and my son who was greatly influenced by both of them.

Wishing you all a great day!


12 Responses

  1. Thanks!

    My own Dad passed in 1998, and while I was feted to an (immensely enjoyable) outdoor brunch by several family members this morning, I found myself missing my Dad all over again.


  2. Rosanne and I saw a film noir [in color, of course] called Cold in July. I recommend it.


  3. Thanks, lms.


  4. They supported the bill so fuck them. Seriously, I have no sympathy here.



    • McWing:


      Isn’t the point, though, that they aren’t going to choke on it? They will successfully avoid it by re-incorporating in Ireland.


  5. Guess the obamacare medical device surtax didn’t work out as planned….


  6. Sure, and those jobs with it. And the loss of Tax Revenue from those employees. The Country that voted for this turd needs to choke on it.

    I was being Meta.


    But, really, since paying for this shit now I’ve decided that they cost too much. Sorry if your ticker’s weak. That’s the breaks. No more devices for the heart.

    I’m gonna add in replacement joints to. Too expensive.


  7. Anyone else file their quarterly estimated taxes today. woo!


  8. I hope Drudge comments on it again.


  9. Anyone else file their quarterly estimated taxes today. woo!

    We did!


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