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  1. Maryland does have a very large Jewish population. All the local school districts give the major Jewish holidays as a day off. I’m surprised Buddhism is as prevalent out west as it is. California makes sense, but Oklahoma?


    • YJ – are you surprised that there are more Muslims counted in FL than Jews? That finding surprised me for VA, as well. Buddhism in OK and Kan and NM is a surprise to me, as well.

      Has anyone tried to analyze Muslims or Buddhists as voting blocs? Probably, but I haven’t read about it.


      • Most of the Jewish people in Florida are concentrated in the Del Boca Vista Phase III section of southeast Florida. I’m not sure where all the Muslims are, although the Tampa area must have a decent population based on my dad’s frequent xenophobic rants.

        Virginia has a strong Buddhist population in the northern Virginia area, mostly around the Vietnamese expatriate community in Falls Church.

        I’ve read that Asians (using that as a proxy for Buddhism) as a block skew Democrat despite what I would think is a pro-entrepreneurial bias towards the more moderate flavors of conservatism.

        My mother-in-law is Buddhist but I have never discussed politics with her and I’m not even sure if she votes.


  2. Would atheist results have been tallied?


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