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  1. That’s a toughie, Mike! Who would you be inclined to vote for–somebody to skew the election or the least bad choice?


  2. Make it two potential votes, maybe.

    I’ll be voting in the TX R Primary and want to vote for the best R [or the least bad]. But I had thought to vote Huntsman, or G. Johnson before he took the L nomination, or Buddy Roemer, and do not know if any of them will be on the ballot.

    Your vote in Mike’s poll may influence mine or I may write in someone.

    Out of the four Mike has posed, I will not vote for lil’ Rick or Newt, as things stand, and am leaning to Paul on the single issue of Presidential power to declare me an enemy of the state. So that is how I have voted in Mike’s poll.

    But I remain open to your input and I hope you guys don’t vote more than once!


  3. I was going to vote for Huntsman (s/o Utah!), but he dropped out. I’d like to vote for the least bad choice — the eventual winner still has theoretically ~50% chance of winning the general election. But I don’t particularly like any of the candidates left standing. Hence, my quandary and poll.


  4. FWIW from a dedicated lefty, my choice from this list would be Ron Paul, no question. Newt is the only one I would not consider if he were running against godzilla. What a loose cannon!


  5. Mark:
    According to this website there are 8 candidates who filed to be on the TX primary ballot.

    I don’t think they can get removed once they file, can they?


    • They cannot be removed by the election officials but before the ballots are printed I believe they can remove themselves.


  6. I bet Ron Paul wins here, hands down. I’ll be surprised if Romney gets any votes.


  7. OK, least bad for me–and also complementing Mark’s reasoning–I’m going with Dr Paul.


  8. One way to look at this is who would a GOP Congress prefer to work with to further the aims you value. I don’t think Paul or Gingrich would rate high on that one. That leaves Romney and Santorum.


  9. I’m glad I don’t actually have to vote in this primary………yikes.


  10. BTW, there’s a party going on in the next thread………………….


  11. As I look at the poll results right now, Gingrich has 3 votes and Paul has 4. Romney and Santorum have zip.

    Out of curiosity, can any who voted for Gingrich offer an explanation on why they selected him? Did you vote for him in this poll as being “least bad” or for some other reason?


    • I voted Newt. Paul’s going to sit at his teens and hope for a brokered convention. A strong Newt performance knocks out Santorum and keeps the whole merry party going. Rush called this Operation Kaos.

      On a slightly more serious note, I heard Newt speaking to folks down NASA way yesterday. I liked a lot of what I heard. It may not have been realistic, but we need some unrealistic challenges. One thought came up though. If 13,000 Lunies can petition for statehood, why can’t half a million DCers?



  12. With only 29% of the precinct voting Gingrich trails Ron Paul by 14.38%. Romney and Santorum have yet to receive a single vote.

    Vote people, it’s your patriotic duty.


  13. I just voted for Paul


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