Obama and Teddy (Roosevelt)

Here is an excerpt from an article by Matthew Spalding in the December 31 National Review:

“But about a hundred years ago, there arose a different dream: that government could engineer a better society, rather than simply leaving the people free to create one. Progressive reformers were convinced not only that the American founders were wrong in their assumptions about man and about the necessity of limited government, but also that advances in science would allow government to reshape society and eradicate the inequalities of property and wealth that had been unleashed by individual rights, democratic capitalism, and the resulting growth of commerce and business. A more activist government, built on evolving rights and a “living” Constitution, would redistribute wealth and level out differences in society through progressive taxation, economic regulations, and extensive social-welfare programs, all centrally administered by expert bureaucrats.”

This article gets much right about Obama, his ideology, and his goals, in my opinion. I disagree with his statement that Obama is correct in denying that he is engaged in class warfare as conventionally understood, although it is possible I am missing his point here.

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Update:  After posting, I see the link does not work, but I can’t spot the problem.

Two from Texas for Sunday

Junior Brown 
My Wife Thinks You’re Dead
                 Lyle Lovett   I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You                                                                                        

Sunday Funnies

I decided I need to get back to my normal routine so here are a few political cartoons that have a bit to say about the state of affairs.  First up a dig at Obama and then the obvious choice of the Republican Primary.  I’m not really sure what to call it so I’ll just let the funnies speak for themselves. 

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