Bits & Piece (TGIF Edition)

You know what’s cool? Not MySpace, which, frankly, I thought sucked way before Facebook opened up a can of whoopass on ’em. I’m glad to see that my earlier judgement of them has proved to be correct. And ugly, impenetrable, non-functional interface and poor design will not succeed indefinitely, just because people can use the site to be “social”.

You know what actually is cool? The Amazon Kindle Fire.

If you’ve never seen Lonely Island’s Like a Boss, you should. Rated R for “Adult Situations”.

Speaking of Lonely Island (I’m sure someone said something about them), I love the SNL skit with Rhianna: Ronnie and Clyde. Don’t ask my why.

Abba interlude: The Dancing Queen Bridal March from Muriel’s Wedding.

For our Muppet fans, Miss Piggy meets Big Bird on the Muppet Show.

I’m outta here! Happy weekend, everybody — KW

6 Responses

  1. Hey, Troll and lms, no, I'm not on vacation. Too poor and getting poorer for that. Only the rich, robber baron bankers are on vacation. ; )I had a very busy day and week, though. Wish more of it was billable! I had a big project due — a seminar I'm doing a couple of other lawyers. Naturally, I've done 70% of the work so far.The weekend will be pretty full for me, too. I have to take my son to tests early, then later do a couple of family things, in the meantime try to get some work done, including closing time for the month (worst job of every month).I wouldn't get too uptight yet about being slow. No on says it has to take the world by storm in two weeks. If we build it, they will come. (Look at me, not posting anything worthwhile in a week.)


  2. I should have said early in the morning.


  3. lms,I went back and saw your response re the Obama letdown. I'll have to think about it, but here's my immediate reaction:Clearly it's true that Dems would have rallied around anyone, or pretty much anyone, up to a point at least. (Although I recall bitter and lasting acrimony between the Obama and Hillary people.)But I think there's a bit of revisionist history at work if you are really saying that it would have been the same with any Dem candidate. Dems did not just rally around Obama in reaction to freedom from the Bush years. His campaign in fact a messianic theme, claiming a historical importance arcing well beyond the reaction to Bush. It was purposefully crafted that way. His rhetoric was unlike any I am aware of in our history, and the adulation he received would not have been given to Hillary or Edwards or anyone else. It wouldn't. People swooned. Legs tingled. Remember the college kid in Florida flipped out thanking new President Obama for taking time from his busy schedule…. Remember Hillary mocking the messianic theme and mania in the debate? She didn't make that up, really.I don't think this is a matter just of understanding liberals' inner thought lives. This was the objective, observable reality of the campaign, election and post-election honeymoon. No doubt there is some speculation involved in characterizing the attitudes that must be reflected in the observable behavior, but it doesn't seem to me to be going out on a limb to say that the expectations for Obama were unnaturally high in a way they would not have been for Ewards, for example. Perhaps there is a qualitative difference, too, but I really find the idea that expectations would have been the same for anyone to be dubious.


  4. qb, I suppose we should all just be glad we still have an income huh? My husband and I made a very lucky decision a little over 10 years ago buying the business. We went out on a limb rather late in life and have managed to hang on. It's definitely been slow around here but we managed, with a little foresight and premonition, to set ourselves up to power through the worst so far. Just keep moving forward is our motto.And re Obama, I was giving you my perspective and that of a lot of the people I worked with during the campaign, obviously not everyone was quite as blase as we were regarding Obama. Most of us were just really scared and grateful for a promise of something better. You know from our years together at the Plumline that even those of us with lower expectations like myself have also been disappointed. Hey, we're not all groupies. NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks ended their worst quarter since the depths of the 2008 credit crisis, crippled by Europe's debt debacle, a U.S. credit downgrade and a sputtering global economy.A steep slide on Friday closed out a fifth month of losses as weak economic data from China sparked fears of a global economic slowdown while investment bank Morgan Stanley plummeted on concerns about its exposure to European banks.The S&P 500 index has lost more than 14 percent this quarter and over 7 percent in September alone. As of Thursday, Wall Street's deep downturn in the third quarter wiped out $2.2 trillion of the Wiltshire 5000 index — the broadest measure of U.S. stocks."Why is the market so soft and so weak? Because '08 is still fresh in people's memories," said Joseph Mazzella, a senior trader at Knight Capital in Jersey City, New Jersey.Stocks have been battered by the threat of a slowdown and fears that a Greek debt default could spark a credit shock similar to that caused by Lehman Brothers in September 2008, sending markets into a tailspin.


  5. The media class ( TV, movies, entertainment, so-called news) fueled that. And the media and social networks inundated us with young people in thrall to Obama. There was a messianism around Obama in the entertainment world, and in the world of campus youth. If that was all you had to go on, it would be reasonable to conclude thar Obama's supporters regarded him with cult like devotion. On the ground, with less coverage, were probably many Democrats glad to have a candidate better than John Kerry.


  6. Oh God, 2004 was a really tough election to get excited about as a liberal. I voted for Kerry, but just barely.


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