Explanation Letter

Dear Commerce Team,

This evening, I notified Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank that I am taking a medical leave of absence in order to focus on resolving my health issues that arose over the weekend.

During this time, I will not perform the functions and duties of Commerce Secretary. Therefore, I am transferring these responsibilities to Dr. Blank who will serve as Acting Secretary, effective immediately.

As you know, Dr. Blank has strengthened our Department in this role before. I have every confidence in her.

I know that all of you will work to make this a seamless transition, and I thank you in advance for your continued work to help America’s businesses drive economic growth and job creation at this crucial moment in our nation’s recovery.

Finally, I want to thank all of you personally for your warm thoughts and support.


John Bryson


Footnote: Like Rick Perry and Barack Obama, John Bryson has argued for the termination of the Cabinet post of SecCommerce.

4 Responses

  1. Many years ago I was driving down A1A in southern Florida when a security guard in his 50s coming off his shift went into diabetic shock and swung into my lane. The speed limit on this two lane undivided highway is 50 mph. I swerved onto the grass median shoulder to try to miss him but his car rolled down the side of mine, shearing off the mirror and scraping the entire side of my car.

    He continued on not even slowing. The guy in the pick up truck behind me did a U-turn and chased him off the road. Cops and an ambulance showed up. His blood pressure was out the roof and he had a fever over 104. He had no clue that he had hit me or even where he was.

    My car was very damaged but drivable. I had the mirror replaced at a dealer and continued my vacation before having the car repaired at home. The whole rest of the trip I wanted to spray paint on the side of the car “NOT MY FAULT.”

    Having nearly been killed by this guy, I have no sympathy for people who fail to take their necessary medication before getting behind the wheel. Some people should be driving under the influence.


  2. Yello

    Just the opposite here. We live on a corner at the top of a hill and while I was out front watering one day, several years ago, a car came around the corner without stopping at the stop sign and sheared off our neighbors horse trail fence, mail box, several large plants and a tree and then scraped the back of one of the cars in the driveway. It was easy to get her license plate and as my neighbors came running out to see what happened they were able to call the police with essentially the identity of the driver. She was a neighbor down the street driving on pain medication and had no recollection of any of it. Her husband paid for all the repairs but I always wondered if he also kept her off the road going forward.


  3. Mark, and we haven’t even discussed age as a factor yet. I remember how difficult it was to get my parents off the road when the time came. My mother cried when we turned her leased car in.

    I wonder if Bryson has a history of seizures or if it was a new event. I guess you can’t really blame someone if it’s never happened before.


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