That Sinking Feeling – copied right [from The Economist]

Making do: American manufacturers have it tough
Data published today may offer comfort to those frightened by August’s Institute for Supply Management survey of manufacturers. That survey suggested that new orders, production and employment were all contracting. Businesses were concerned about the Sino-American trade war, but said that falling trade in general was their most significant concern. It is possible that the numbers will improve this time. The Federal Reserve’s most recent data on manufacturing production suggest that output has not sagged as much as the survey data suggest. Economists at Deutsche Bank expect the ISM measure to improve slightly relative to the previous month. But this says more about the volatility of the indicator than the underlying health of the sector. Because the trade war shows few signs of abating, the dollar is strong and global demand remains weak, the environment for American manufacturers looks likely to remain difficult for a while yet.

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  1. New Open Thread. Last week The Economist reported on the shrinking German manufacturing economy.


  2. Germany has issues, and China is slowing down. Some of the US manufacturing weakness is self-inflicted, and some of it is overseas-driven.


  3. When I first read that I thought this was a late in the day post from Brent, and wondered what had happened to his typically snappy formatting. Then I thought you had written it yourself, Mark. Then I realize you copied it. I’m not quite on my game today. 😂


  4. Went to the Brooklyn Historical Society over the weekend, and everything, ever-y-thing, was viewed through the lens of race and gender.

    Here is Walt Whitman. He was a gay white man who’s career was aided by several opportunities not available to women or people of color. He wrote Leaves of Grass.


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